Steelbird Entertainment releases grooviest Sharabi Anthem “PAAPI”



NewZNew (Chandigarh) : From the house of Steelbird Group earlier known for making state of the art helmets now coming up with a new musical surprise. The grooviest Sharabi Anthem Of 2015 “Paapi” by Rajeev Kapur & Sweety Kapur.

The track, titled “Paapi” is apparently a passionate expression that creatively captures the fierce sense of excitement. This time Rajeev is at its best and also features the sensation Sweety Kapur.

Teaser of this song can be watched over the YouTube channel of Steelbird Entertainment at:

This song is a musical surprise from a person, who is generally seen as a corporate boardroom persona at the helm of affairs in Steelbird Helmets, and is now exploring his artistic talents via the new song teaser. Alongside crooning a peppy number, Rajeev Kapur is sharing screen with his wife Sweety Kapur, who is a prominent feature in the album lending her vocals in it.

Earlier, Rajeev Kapur and Sweety Kapur also appeared together in “Aankha da Khumar “song which was the biggest hit.


There are several more peppy numbers in the pipeline, and can be watched over the YouTube channel Steelbird Entertainment.

Jhoom Jhoom Jhoom Baby Bass, Jhoom Jhoom Jhoom…….

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