Strict action against motorists using loud, multi-toned horns


Road_Sign_No_HornNewZNew (Chandigarh) : The Punjab government has issued strict directions to DTO’s & RTO’s to take serious action against owners and users of vehicles with loud multi-toned horns to curb incidents of motor accidents in Punjab. This issuance follows closely to the Punjab & Haryana High Court’s orders to implement the same. Strict action will be taken against those caught in violation of the rule that includes heavy penalties in the form of hefty fines, impounding of vehicle or cancellation of Driver’s License.

Transport Minister for Punjab, Mr. Ajit Singh Kohar, further disclosed that these new guidelines are to be implemented within the state to ensure the safety and peace of the commuters, pedestrians and the resident community. Loud horns pose a multitude of threats and are a nuisance, contributing to noise pollution and hampering peace & tranquility. Mr. Kohar has personally issued directions to the Commissioners of Police & SSP’s and has been assured of full cooperation by the police.

Only police vehicles, fire brigades and ambulances are permitted under law to use these horns, that too only during the course of their duties, all other vehicles are to remove multi-toned horns or face strict action. Under the Central Motors Vehicle Act and the rules framed under state that “no motor vehicle, including agricultural tractor, shall be fitted  with any multi-toned horn giving a succession of different notes or with any other device producing an unduly harsh, shrill, loud or alarming noise”.

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Mr. Kohar has further instructed that nobody is to be excused; action will be taken against officers in violation of the rules as well. A vigilant check is to be maintained and compliance with the ban on loud, multi-toned horns has to be executed at the earliest.

He also stressed upon the need to spread awareness about safety guidelines amongst the youth of the state. A firm hand can only enforce what an educated, informed mind can execute. If the commuters are made aware of the hazards of using such horns, compliance with the ban will automatically be implemented. This move became a necessity after an unfortunate accident earlier on in the year – a young girl died in an accident in Patiala, she had lost control of her two-wheeler when a blaring, multi-toned horn took her by surprise.


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