More Stringent Action from PM Modi between 4th January to 4th April 2017, predicts


NewZNew (Chandigarh) : The World is witnessing some historic times and if PM Modi has his way, India is in for some more drastic cleanup in the immediate future. Going by the conjunction of planets influencing his birth chart, PM Modi is likely to take some stringent action between January 4th to April 4th 2017.

logo-ganeshaspeaksThese tough decisions relate to the Indian  economy and real estate industry. This is primarily because PM Modi is under the influence of Moon-Saturn-Saturn Dasha cycle predicts astrologers at As Saturn is the primary indicator of righteousness, Modi is likely to take some concrete steps related to the economy, as a follow-through of the demonetization. He will also work tirelessly for the execution and implementation of the plans so that the results can be achieved soon.

According to predictions by the highly trusted –  the number one astrological portal in India, Print and electronic media is also likely to be fierce in its criticism. Not only that, there may be unpleasant statements coming from opposition camps. However, the transit of Jupiter over Natal Sun and Mercury will help him proceed confidently and gain appreciation from government officials as well as social media. This combination will help him in establishing social, religious and cultural harmony in the country.

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After announcing the decision to ban currency notes of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 to eradicate the scourge of black money in the country, Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi is being criticised  relentlessly by political opponents and media.  Astrologically, PM Narendra Modi is passing through the Jupiter sub period and Rahu sub-sub period which will be operational up to 4th January  2017. Also during this period, transiting Mercury will be seen in retrograde motion in fire element which will make the situations difficult for Modi resulting into resistance and challenges from opposition parties on demonetization.

So, if there are many black skeletons in your cupboard, this may be the right time to consult the astrologers and come out clean, in favour of a corruption free India.

With valuation of more than 100 crores, the award-winning Astrology portal –, which has launched the World’s First 4K Zodiac Channel – at the Mobile World Congress 2016 at Barcelona, Spain, predicts that the period from 7th April 2017, will be very favorable and supportive for Modi as his political career and governance is concerned. This particular period will be extremely favourable and Modi will enjoy better political stability.  After 7th April 2017, the stars will be supportive and the atmosphere will be extremely favourable for Modi as his political career and governance is concerned, the astrologers have predicted.

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