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Filmy Kutappe – 12 in English

Year 1967 and movie Milan nootan sunildat ….. “saavan ka mahina pavan kare shor, jiya re jhoome aise jaise van ma naache mor….lata! That fridy I was not able to go for the movie during my break so I decided to go for the night show (9-12). I place 2-3 pillows on my bed and covered them with a blanket. I gave “patisha” as bribe to my sister Anita and asked her not to tell mom-dad that i am out for a movie. This plan has worked for a number of times.

Let me tell you one such incident!

It was summers and our whole family members used to sleep in open during night, and as usual I was out for a late night movie. But that night my pillow covered with blanket did not worked for me. As it was little windy that night and result my blanket blew away and at same time my dad woke up and saw my bed covered with pillows and all. At that time he completely came to know about my plan.

And what my dad did then?

He himself slept on my bed with a long big stick along. I came back around 1 that night. Slowly and slowly I was going towards my bed and as soon as I pulled my blanket, a tight slap on my face!! And then started my “kutappa pe kutappa”. After that mnay times the kutappa started with the change in date only.

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Today also, whenever on TV or radio I hear the song of movie Milan “ hum tum yug yug se yeh geet Milan k……gaate hai..gaate rahege, hum tum jag mei jeevan saathi ban k ….aate rhe hai …aate rahege.. lata- mukesh” the kutappa wala danda still haunts me.

The same year, 1967 the movie “phool aur pathar:, starring meena kumari and dharmendra was released. For advertising every new released film in the city we had a display “rehri” with small tyre and big banners on both of its side. Along with this the “rehri had a loud speaker followed by the band man (dholak) “sheeshe se pee….ya paemaane se pee…ya meri aakhon k mehkhane se pee- aasha! The most famous song of that time.

A boy in our class “neeraj “ was a famous dholak of the film group and we asked him to go and talk to that uncle that you can play dhol and in return ask him to let us watch the movie. After long 20 days neeraj agreed to do so and accordingly went to the uncle. The dholi uncle agreed on this by taking 2.50 paise and also agreed to pay for the work. Neeraj in full excitement came to us and told the whole story. And this way from the very next day the time was fixed. Every day after the school at 4 pm, the filmi rehri started travelling from cinema to school and on the way neeraj used to meet. Putting the dhol around the neck and the “paghri” on the head so that no one is able to recognize him he used to beat the dhol “dhum dhum !lakk lakk! Dhan dhna dan!!!!

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For the 4-5 months every thing was going good. We enjoyed the free movie session completely. But then one day, neeraj;s neighbor aunti was passing by and she suddenly noticed neeraj. At that very tym the aunti went to neeraj;s home and told kiran aunti the whole story. The aunti along with neeraj’s mom on rickshaw, reached our filmy rehri in no time.

Neeraj,s mom at that very time gave 2 tight slaps to neeraj and took him along with her. At the same night neeraj too had a “kutappa “ from his dad.

“That memory of the filmy kutappa is still in my heart.”

To Be Continued on Next Saturday

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