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Filmy Kutappe – 15 in English

Aasha parikh-Rajesh Khanna ‘baharo k sapne’ 1967….aaja piya tujhe pyaar du..gauri baiyaa..tum pe vaar du…kisliye tu itna udaas…sukh sukh hhote akhiyo me pyaas….tu sukh mera lele…mai dukh tera lelu…mai bhi jeeyu..tu nhi jiye.. lata!

Since my childhood, I am very punctual about time. And I earned this quality while I was in ‘Gandhi Arya School Barnala’. I used to go for movie at 2-5 during my half break. Whenever I got late 10-15 min I would always ask my neighbor about how much I missed the movie. They always told me that the movie just started or the first scene got finished or the numbering and so on.

You know what happened one day!!

As usual I got late and hitting with my elbow I asked the person sitting next to me, he said that I have missed a song and I was very disappointed…..”chunri sambhal gauri…urhi chli jayi re…maar na de dank kahi….nazar koe haayee-Lata” Then the next day I specially went for the movie for the 2nd time. But then I realized that the person lied to me, I became very angry. Firstly because of that stupid man I had to spend my money again and secondly I had to bear the kutapa for the second time.

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Running from school on Friday and watching the first day first show!!

There was nothing more excited than this.

On Saturday while rest of the students come full prepare completing their homework I used to go prepared for the kutapa. Today left back or right!! Sometimes on a day I used to get kutapa from 4-4 teachers also. That day and today, in these 50 years I have never again asked anyone in the hall regarding how much movie I have missed or so on.

That man made me punctual. Now whenever I have to go for a movie I always reach 5-10 minutes before the show.

Now these days it is like that if someone says surendra , you meet me at 2 AT night daily at tribune chowk as we have to go ambala daily.

Then you will find me daily before 2 all shaved, freshen up and ready. I never close my showroom ‘Chandigarh light hub’ before 8:30. And after 8:30 I straight go to fun republic or ionex cinema to watch the first day last show, and it is my luck that everytime by this or that I always get the ticket for the night show.

From 1963 to 1967, I watched every movie nearly 1 or 2-2 times. On 11may 1979b, I got married to sudha (Rajpura). From then my filmy record just broke and got finished. If at the time of engagement we would have met, my first question would have been Sudha ji ! do you watch movies. She would have ofcourse said no. I would have not married then. After marriage, nor sudha ji would go for movie neither she would let me go. That time I used to say…hum dum mere maan bhi jao…kehna mera pyaar ka ….arre halka halka surkh lbho pe….rang toh hai ikraar ka….pyaar mohobat k hawa pehle chalti hai….fir ik latt pyaar ki…rookh pe dalti hai- rafi!

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That time I used to watch around 35 films in 3 months and now with sudha g I think I havnt even watched 35 movies in these 35 years. 4 years back sudha g said , around 15-20 movies release in a month so you can watch any one  selected movie with me rest I will not watch.

Sudha g did not agreed for even 1 film because of this reason from last 3-4 years ,there is tashan between sudha g and me going on watchin all the films. Sudha g don’t even think that firstly the money will be saved and secondly husband will be home on time.


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