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Filmy Kutappe – 20 in English (Translated by Anoopinder Kaur)

Movie, shagirdh shayara bano-jai mukherjee….”dil vil pyaar vyaar mai kya jaanu re…jaanu toh jaanu bs itna jaanu ki tujhe apna maanu re”…Lata!

As you already read in my last kutapa, we started our tuitions with two of our school teachers. This thing had three benefits to us. Firstly we could easily clear our semester exams, no beatings from teachers and could easily go for a movie during recess.

Now, film “Padosan”..mere saamne wale khidki mei ik chhand ka tukra rehta hai …afsos yeh hai k wo humse…kuch ukhra ukhra rehta hai….kishor kumar! We used to have our tuitions at 5 every morning. Everyone used to come from different area. Some were 5 min early while some were late. But everyone used to go together after the tuitions to their respective homes.

That time movie called” aan milo sajjna” was released. A famous song of that movie well suited us. It was like “ acha toh hum chlte hai… kal fir tution pe milege”. Moreover, during that time, you could easily hear this song on radio about 20-25 times.

Then I gave my 8th class Punjab school education board examination. After that I had 2-3 months of holidays so I went to my elder brother to spend the rest of my holidays. That time I was only 13 years old and I managed to travel alone from Barnala to Bombay. That time it took around 36 hours to reach Bombay.

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On the first day only, both of us, me and brother got ready in the morning. My brother gave me 100 rupees and told me that he is very busy and gave me the Bombay map guide and asked me to visit and roam around the beautiful city.

That time my brother was a bachelor so everything including eating and all used to be outside only. That time 100 rupees were equal to 300 rupees of today’s time. And he gave me 1 key of the flat and kept the other one with him.

We both used to wake up at around 6-7 every morning. That time the famous newspaper” the times of India was delivered at our home where every single detail of Bombay’s theatre, movies, location and timings was published. So with the morning bed tea, we used to read the newspaper. Firstly I used to start with the news column and when my brother would go for a bath, I used to open the filmy column and would quickly note down the timings and names of the movie. And when my brother would leave the home at around 8:30, I used to get ready in a minute and would leave the home to watch a movie.

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Movie “ Humraaz”, sunildutt- vimi-raj kapoor..” hai neele gagan k tale…dharti ka pyaar pale…aise hi jagg mei aati hai subah…aise hi sham dhale,…mahendra kapoor!

Eating, drinking and everything were from market only. There was kind of flood of all the new movies in Bombay. I used to watch nearly 5-5 new movies every day.

Movie “jewel thief” “ vajaynti-Devanad”…”hothon mein aise baat mein daba k chli aayi….khul jaaye kahi baat…toh duhaayi hai duhaayi..raat kaali nagin si huyi jawan….haaye dayiya kisko dasega yeh shama…” Lata!

In our Barnala, we could get the opportunity to watch new films after like 8-10 months only. But in big cities like Bombay we could watch any new releases as soon as it was put up. They do not actually know what is the joy of watching a new movie after waiting for so long.

I had to watch almost 5-5 movies in a day and outside every cinema there were different stalls of fruits. If I stood near a banana stall I ate around dozens of bananas and if I stood around some other stalls either I ate dozens of it at that particular thing around 3-4 times. So I would eat only once as I was a filmy man so didn’t had much time to waste.

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At the beginning only I watched the entire new movie and I even watched some shootings.

Film “ shikaar” – Aasha-Dharmendra, “parde mei rehne do…parda na uthayo…parda jo uth gya toh…bhed khul jaegaa…allah meri tauba…-Aasha bhosle!

Next Saturday, I almost watched all the hero- heroines, comedians, dancers, and villains closely. Whenever I was short of 100 rupees, my brother would give me again.

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