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Filmy Kutappe – 23 in English (Translated by Anoopinder Kaur)

My elder brother had always been generous towards me and would give me Rs. 100, every time I ran out of money. I was passionate about watching movies with an average of 5 movies each day. Cinema halls had limited vendors with banana, chiku and bhel puri stalls outside. Being a movie buff, I used to devour on any of these stalls to my satisfaction just once a day, so as to get maximum time to watch as many movies as I could.

Once on the day of Holi festival, we, a group of 14 friends after celebrating in Trimurti Society till 2 pm, went to Juhu Beach. Owing to Holi and Ganpati Day, the beach was overly crowded. People came in groups to enjoy and take a dip in the beach and the entire place gave a vibrant feel. On our way back to home, around 4 pm, we decided to watch Aarzoo movie featuring Sadhna and Rajesh Khanna at Ludo Cinema. 3 of us went home and rest 11 bought their tickets and entered the hall. Except us 11, the entire hall was unbooked, so we had a gala time among ourselves.

Dancing, laughing, hooting and shouting our lungs out. “Ae phoolon ki rani, baharon ki malika, tera muskurana gazab ho gya, na dil hosh mein hai, na hum hosh mein hain, nazar ka milana gazab ho gya..”, “jhalke teri aankhon se, sharan aur bhi zada, khilte rhein hothon k, gulab aur bhi zada..Rafi”, likewise, each song and scene was mimicked and acted upon by us. Post interval, the entire cinema staff along with the manager also joined us inside the hall and celebrated Holi all over again. “Ae nargise mastaana.. itni shikayat hai..samjha humein begana.. itni shikayat hai…Rafi”. Being a Punjabi, I was the most candid and the leader of the entire group, when it came to celebrating.

The manager was thoroughly impressed by our frivolity, since he hadn’t seen such skittish circle in his entire 40 years of career. He threw a Holi party for us after the movie got over and asked us to have anything to our desire from the canteen free of cost. “bedardi baalma.. tujhko mera mann yaad krta hai.. barasta hai jo aankhon se…woh saavan yaad krta hai..” He even invited us for the Holi celebrations the following year. Another morning, I went across the Nandi Cinema, near the Bandra Railway station. It was showing the movie Julie, I bought a balcony ticket and went to stand among the other people there.

A girl, wearing the same cloths as in the movie was chatting with her friends in the crowd. I felt infatuated to her and prayed to get a seat next to hers. When I was ushered inside the hall, the seat next to the very same girl was vacant. I was pleasantly surprised but swiftly went to sit there thanking my stars…”Bhool gya sab kuch.. Yaad nhi ab kuch..Ek yahi baat na bhooli..Julie I love you..Lata-Kishor”……….to be continued….

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