Surinder Singal Barnala Ke FILMY KUTAPPE – 26


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Filmy Kutappe – 26 in English (Translated by – Anoopinder Kaur)

Bom! Bom! Bom! Bombay to Goa… Atthani kamai… Kharcha rupayya…Kaise chlega jeevan ka pahiya..While travelling in a local bus, from SantaCruz West to Bombay at 9 am, I went across Gazebo Restaurant in Khar and came to know about the shooting going on there. The movie being shot was Bombay to Goa. Overtly excited, I got off the bus and stood along a group of 20-25 people watching shooting by a corner of the restaurant. Strars like Amitabh Bacchan, Shatrughan Sinha, Mehmood and Aruna Irani were shooting there. The staff was moving in and out of the restaurant hurriedly. Driven by curiosity and a desire to have a look at the celebrities, my feet started towards the restaurant doors. The moment I neared the door, the security guard threw me out. Downhearted, I came back and started observing those going inside the restaurant. As a few minutes elapsed, I concluded, the person who is rushing inside overlooking anything or anyone around is not blocked by the security. As the shifts turned and the security person changed, I thought of giving a shot and pretended being one of the profoundly occupied shooting team members, and as expected I was allowed access inside without any interruption. Well! That’s one thing I still follow as suffice in such situations.

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Once inside, I was thrilled to see the entire set of the shooting. The celebrities were rehearsing and giving their final shots with the due tea breaks. “Dekha nah aye re.. Socha nah aye re… Rakh di nishaane pe jaan-Kishore Kumar”. I was conversing, while sipping my coffee, with one of the crew members, when accidently I dashed into Shatrughan Sinha. I apologized and he politely brushed it off. As the shooting concluded at around 8 in the night, I hurried back my home. Striding along the 4 storey building stairs, I rushed inside my house panting and told my elder brother about my entire day’s experience. But he mocked me and I sat there in stunned silence unable to utter a single word. All my excitement was drained down. I never brought such topics up to my brother that day onwards but he kept on teasing me every now and then, leaving me chagrined.


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