Surinder Singal Barnala Ke FILMY KUTAPPE – 35


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Filmy Kutappe – 35 in English (Translated by Anoopinder Kaur)

While missing none of the movies, when I and my Filmy Friends passed the exams, a frenzied euphoria took over us and we were shouting and jumping all over the streets. We were so excited to get new bags, books, shoes and other school stuff.

Eagerly waiting for the stuntman Takla Shetty’s movie Kismat in 1968 featuring, Babita, Vishavjeet, Helen, we friends bet among ourselves to watch the movie in our BALD selves. “Aao huzoor tumko..Sitaaron mein le chloon..Dil jhoom jaaye aise nazaaron mein le chaloon..”

After waiting for 3 months for the movie, on the day of release, with 5 tickets in hands and heads shaven, the three of us were waiting for the other two to join us. To our great misfortune, the area police raided the cinema to grab ticket touts.

Owing to my bald appearance and the fact that I was carrying 5 tickets with me, I was confused as one of the touts and taken to the police station, besides my constant pleading about being innocent. While interrogating, when I was asked my father’s name, they let me go, All Thanks to my Dear Daddy.

Takla Shetty had a felonic charm characterstic of his, that beheld the audiences to their seats.

Night in London, Yakeen, Barsaat ki ek Raat, Yaadon ki Baraat, Shaalimar, Trishool, Don, RafooChakar, Victoria No.203, Seeta aur Geeta, are some of the proofs of his meticulous works.

Well, I am going to reveal a secret about me to the readers about how I tricked everyone at home to spare some money to buy movie tickets. I offered to bring vegetables from market and lied about the prices of each of the vegetables, thus sparing enough money for a ticket. For the shrewd kid I was.

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