Surinder Singal Barnala Ke FILMY KUTAPPE – 37


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Filmy Kutappe – 37 in English (Translated by Anoopinder Kaur)

Common interests lead to many new relations one can form in one’s life. Uncle Hansraj, an LIC agent crosses our paths every time we went for a movie. He knew Urdu, so we asked for his favour. Every time we need a leave from school, we asked him to forge signatures in Urdu. The teacher could not get the language and would approve the application. We used this trick for a few months but got caught when my teacher ran into my father in the market and asked him to consult a good doctor, for his son gets unwell so frequently. On mentioning the applications, dad got furious and I was subjected to another “Filmy Kutappa”. Uncle Hansraj was fired owing to signature forging. But we were loyal to him and helped him getting job in the Prabhat Cinema itself.

Naukari, 1954, “Aisi meri dosti..Aisa mera pyaar..Ek duje k vaaste ..marne ko tyaar”..Kishore.

Haal kaisa hai jnaab ka”…I was even thrashed by the teacher for lying. Film Rajkumar, 1964, featuring Saadhna, Shammi, Praan. Aa ja aayi bahaar..Dil hai bekraar..Oh mere rajkumar..Tere bin jiya na jaaye..Lata.

Tumne kabhi kisi ki jaan ko jaate dekha hai..Woh dekho..meri jaan mujse rooth kr jar hi hai”..

Our new English teacher was newly wedded and used to live across a street from my home. His wife was sporting Saadhna’s popular hairstyle. I drew Saadhna’s picture from the new poster and presented it to my teacher’s wife. He liked it so much that she asked me to draw Saadhna’s posters for her.

Tum ne pukara aur hum chale aaye..jaan hatheli par le aaye re”..

Next day my English teacher congratulated me about my drawing and afterwards, whenever Saadhna’s movie got released, I watched it before drawing her poster and presenting it to my teacher’s wife. “Jaane wale zara hoshiar..yahaan k hum rajkumar..aage piche hamari sarkaar..Unko bji hai hamaar intezaar”..Rafi

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