Tata Steel Noamundi Hospital gets Effluent Treatment Plant


The Ore Mines & Quarries (OMQ) Division of Tata Steel has installed a 10 KLD (Kilo Liters per Day) Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) at Noamundi Hospital. The ETP was inaugurated today by Mr Rajeev Singhal, Vice President (Raw Materials), Tata Steel in the presence of Mr Pankaj Satija, General Manager (OMQ), Tata Steel, Mr P K Dhall, Chief, Engineering Services & Projects, OMQ Division, Tata Steel, Dr Dhirendra Kumar, Chief Medical Officer, Noamundi Hospital, Tata Steel and senior officials of the company.

Noamundi Hospital generates 5-10 KLD of wastewater on a daily basis. The 10 KLD ETP installed in the hospital will treat the wastewater discharged by the hospital from operation theatre, pathological laboratory, hospital kitchen, etc. The treated wastewater will be reused for gardening purpose. The ETP that has been installed operates in MBBR (Moving Bed Bio Reactor) technology with tube settler and sand media filter.

Tata Steel Noamundi Hospital was recently conferred with the Prime Time Global Healthcare Excellence Awards 2016 under the category of “Best Patient Centric Hospital in Jharkhand”. The Noamundi Hospital has been providing medical facilities to people living in and around the mining areas at Noamundi since 1925. The diagnostic facilities recently got upgraded in the hospital with the addition of latest ultra sound machine with color doppler. Moreover, the Hospital has adopted scientific methods of disposing biomedical waste. The hospital is equipped with plastic shredder, autoclave machine, a 5 Kg incinerator, defined area with standard pits for burial and a team of dedicated trained staffs for handling bio medical waste.

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The OMQ Division continues to focus on operational excellence aimed at resource and energy efficiency, along with recovery, reuse and recycling of waste to minimize its ecological footprint. Talking about Tata Steel`s commitment to preserve the environment, Mr Singhal said: We regularly monitor, review and report publicly our environmental performance as a responsible miner. We are committed to continual improvement in our environmental performance so as to improve the quality of life of the communities where we operate.”

Noamundi already has 2 Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs) of capacity 10 KLD and 50 KLD respectively. In the offing is the installation of a 50 KLD STP and 10 KLD ETP at Noamundi. Joda Hospital too will be equipped with ETP in a couple of months.


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