The 3 W’s (Why, When, Where) of Scholarship Exams Every Student Must Know


The 3 W’s Why When Where of Scholarship Exams Every Student Must Know : Indian education system lays particular emphasis on competitive exams  & Scholarship Exams. To get into the best institutes of the country like AIIMSs and IITs, students have to clear NEET and JEE respectively. These two competitive exams are often cited as two most difficult ones to crack. Not only do they require arduous work, but also academic brilliance on the students’ part.

3 W's (Why, When, Where) of Scholarship Exams

To crack these competitive exams, students prepare from various sources including reference books, tuitions and coaching classes. The last one of the list – coaching classes, remain the most favoured ones for all students. They are a complete package that prepares students for their engineering and medical dreams.

Most students preparing for competitive exams either pay for the preparation or win a scholarship conducted by coaching institutes like Aakash. This becomes financially rewarding and helps boost a student’s career in the right direction.

Prestigious institutes like Aakash offer scholarship exams for their coaching classes. Students can attempt ANTHE (Aakash National Talent Hunt Examination) and get up to 100% scholarship. Aakash Institute also conducts national scholarship exam for class 8, where students from class 8 onwards can win scholarships and study at their institute without paying any fee.

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Let’s take a closer look at what every student should know about scholarships exams.


Students who have already decided to pursue engineering or medical sciences should consider scholarship exams. These exams are a ladder to success that helps students in getting closer to their dream career. When a student clears a scholarship exam, they get a chance to study at top coaching institutes without paying any fees. It alleviates them from any financial liability and helps them focus better on their studies.

The road to JEE and NEET is a tough one, and having your preparation backed by a renowned coaching institute puts you ahead of the competition.

  • Ahead of Your Peers

Students who join a coaching institute, especially on a scholarship are in a much better frame of mind to crack JEE or NEET. They can also start early and stay ahead of their peers at all times.

  • No Financial Obligation

Earning a scholarship means no financial obligation. Students can study without worrying about their fee. Coaching institutes like Aakash provide up to 100% scholarship and even cash rewards for meritorious students.

  • The Way It Should Be Done

When students are preparing for JEE or NEET – two of the toughest competitive exams in India, they should undoubtedly follow a strategy that helps them in every way. Chasing these dreams when backed by good coaching is recommended. Students who study on scholarship at coaching institutes are even far more equipped mentally and have the right attitude required towards studies. Coaching institutes are by far the best way students should prepare for JEE or NEET, and a scholarship brings them closer.

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Most students have this question of when they should start preparing for JEE or NEET. The best time is when a student is in class 8. This is the time when students start dwelling towards higher studies which makes it appropriate for them to give their JEE or NEET dream the right wings.

Starting early for JEE or NEET preparation helps students in many ways, including keeping them ahead of their peers. Students are also less stressed by the time they come in class 11 – a time when other students will start preparing for competitive exams.

Class 8 students can appear for various scholarship exams to join a coaching institute and start preparing for their engineering or medical dream. The most renowned national scholarship exam for class 8 is ANTHE, which is conducted by Aakash Institute. Students can appear in this exam and earn a scholarship to fund their coaching classes.


As discussed above, the best time to start preparing for JEE or NEET is right from class 8. Many coaching institutes provide classes; however, only a few provide 100% scholarships. Aakash is one of the best coaching institutes in the country that offers up to 100% scholarship to students who do well in ANTHE (Aakash National Talent Hunt Examination).

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ANTHE is a prestigious entrance exam that is attempted by thousands of students every year. Winning a scholarship by doing well in ANTHE will boost their self-confidence while spearheading their journey to prestigious colleges like IITs and AIIMSs.


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