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The 8th Night Trailer Review Release Date New Cast Member Spoilers Story Summary And Ending!

The 8th Night Trailer Review Release Date New Cast Member Spoilers Story Summary And Ending!: The most thrilling and suspenseful movie of the South Korean film industry is released and ruled the hearts of the viewers with its unique and attractive plot and concept and also the viewers loved the movie so much.

The 8th Night Trailer Review Release Date New Cast Member Spoilers Story Summary And Ending

The tremendous and incredible newly released movie named The 8th Night is released on the most popular OTT platform named Netflix. The viewers are eagerly waiting for the movie to premiere on the OTT platform because after the release of the trailer the movie plot created an unbelievable hype amongst the audiences by which they are eager to witness the full movie.

Now, the good and amazing news is that the movie is released on the OTT platform and the user who has a subscription to Netflix can easily witness the series and feel the fun and thrill which is filled in it.


The 8th Night Release Date

This film is a South Korean mystery-thriller film that is directed by Kim Tae-hyung and also the screenplay of the movie is also done by him under the production companies of Gom Pictures and Gogo Studio with the distribution help of Netflix and Little Big Pictures.

The movie is based on the person who was in a time an exorcist who endures until he encounters a beast that is discharged. The night endures amongst actual and imaginary, their effort to prevent the restoration of the beast has risen. The 8th Night Release Date happened on 2nd July 2021 only on Netflix.

The 8th Night Star Cast

The story was of around two and a half millennia past, two strange creatures that tortured people were fastened grabbed in 2 cases. They are expected to engaged 7 small human owners to find their information.

Few ages, Monk Ha-jung, the sponsor of one of the cases, understands that among one of the people has reappear and so he syas monk Chung-seok to explore Park Jin-soo, who was carried to prevent these people. Jin-soo starts the quest to get the meaning with Chung-seok in series to end ‘it’ from creating destruction on the planet.

The 8th Night Star Cast:

  • Lee Sung-min in and as Park Jin-soo
  • Park Hae-joon in and as Kim Ho-tae
  • Kim Yoo-jung in and as Ae-ran
  • Nam Da-reum in and as Cheong-seok
  • Choi Jin-ho in and as Professor Kim Joon-cheol

The film shooting was started in the month of May on 19th in the year 2019 and after so much hard work and effort, the shooting comes to an end on 26th September 2019. The whole movie shot in the location of Incheon, Suwon, Paju, Daegu, Daejeon, Yeongyang-gun and Kazakhstan.

The movie was first planning to release in 2020 but because of the pandemic, it was rescheduled to release on Netflix on 2nd July 2021. The movie is all yours go and witness the movie on Netflix, till then stay tuned with us.

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