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The Haunted 2018 Ending Explained: Storyline, Cast, Review & Spoilers

The Haunted 2018 Ending Explained: Storyline, Cast, Review & Spoilers: The Haunted 2018 ending explained! Well, this series was something which almost every one of us had watched. But unfortunately, still, we are unable to come over the dilemma which this movie’s ending had delivered to us.

The Haunted 2018 Ending Explained

Many viewers described it as a total mess. There were various questions unanswered at the ending of this confusing sequel. Towards the starting, everything seemed pretty well, but as the ending approached, the main task of the viewers became to understand its ending.

In this article, we would describe the same in detail. So that now you could have a sound sleep after clearing all of your doubts. This article would cover everything from its plot, summary to everything!

Well, “Haunted” is a paranormal pseudo-documentary that was developed by Propagate. As the title suggests, the story mainly focuses on a haunted house. It is an analogy series in which some groups or individuals were seen sharing their paranormal experiences. It had a total of three seasons with eighteen episodes. Its first season premiered on Netflix on 19th October 2018. The Haunted was written and directed by David Holroyd.

There were wars over the various social media platforms, whether they loved it or not. But unfortunately, the majority was with the haters. And again, the reason for doing so was the unanswered and messy ending. The story was flourishing nicely until the climax banged on the back door. So, let’s see that what was in it. Also, let us move on to explain the ending of the haunted 2018.

The basic theme, plot, cast, and storyline

The two main characters of this drama were Sophie Stevens and Nick Baylay. Where Sophie played the role of Emily and Nick was doing his part as Arthur. Some of the other characters who have managed some limelight were as follows. Maggie Daniels played the role of Mary.

Then, Virginia Denham played her pat as the Mum. The role of  Paul was enacted by Ray MacAllan. Then the character which everyone wants to know about is the Ghost. Kirstie Steele has very wonderfully served the cast of haunted by playing the role of the Ghost.

So, the story has shown us both the cruelty which a father did to his daughter and the bond which the caregiver and the ill man had. Despite the blood relation, the father did vicious things to his daughter. On the other hand, Emily, who was a new caregiver, didn’t leave him alone in the house even when she was uncomfortable with the paranormal activities going around.

Arthur is an old man who has a dark past. Moreover, he is a dementia patient. And on the other side, Emily. She is a young girl who unknowingly takes a job of a caregiver in a haunted isolated house in the countryside. Where an evil spirit wants to harm the person for whom she came there.

As night approached, she was left alone with Arthur. Feeling the evil omen, other helpers had already left the house. So was willing Emily. But then she realized her responsibilities towards Arthur, and hence her soul forced Emily to stay there.

As the evening rolled up, the scene became even more serious. To pass her time, she moved towards the other rooms. To her amazement, she was witnessing the dark truths which were hidden in that house. Moreover, in that house, she found an Ouija board, pre-burnt aromatics, and many more things related to evil omen.

The scene from the movie where Emily was seen playing with Ouija Board

The climax and explanation of the ending of haunted 2018

The term climax is something that thrills the audience. But the case was not the same here! The viewers were left in total confusion when the climax had shown its face.

The Seventy-five minutes long film was turned upside down. Viewers came to know that the ghost was none other than Emily herself. She later finds out that Arthur was his father only. And the cause of her death was the ill-treatment that his father gave her.

She came to know about the reality when she was wandering around. Emily found a photograph of a young little girl. She guessed that she must be Arthur’s daughter. She was all alone as Arthur was sleeping. So to pass her time, she moved towards the TV, but it wasn’t working. So she tried to search for the phone number of Arthur’s daughter.

Using this as an excuse, she gave herself the license to move around and study the things kept in that house. But then too, Emily was unable.

Later she found a phonebook. But her way was blocked because as she was going towards it, a bookshelf had dropped and thus blocked her path. She didn’t even try to lift that, leaving it there only. Then she finds tarot cards and an ouija board. Emily moved in front of the mirror to play with it.

Maybe because Ouija Board is not something to play alone. She was about to ask that why the ghost was haunting her and that house. But even before that, the spirit came over there. And guess what? She ran away from that room. Everywhere she witnessed that girl who she saw in the photograph.

When she moved towards Arthur’s room, Emily saw that the spirit was approaching him. So she lifted him and placed Arthur over the sofa.

Emily’s encounter with the truth

She then goes towards the basement, where she finds a toilet and a bed. Over that bed, someone was lying, but only the head was visible. Emily then removes the quilt. She was amazed to witness a skeleton. All this made her realise that Arthur used to mistreat her daughter in the basement. And then comes the climax, the ghost reveals that Emily is only the daughter of Arthur and all those pictures were of her. She revealed that Emily is only the ghost. And finally, she then runs out and unites with her mother. And then disappears.

Reviews and Spoilers

The audience was not happy by the abrupt ending of the haunted. They were all puzzled. Many questions were circulating in their minds after watching this drama. The internet was full of queries and questions related to the ending of the haunted. All their hopes were shattered. At first, the series started in a very curious way, and people were loving it. But unfortunately, it played with the emotions. It seemed as if this story was chosen only because it had a small timeline and was easy to shoot and perform.

The audience said that the only thing which was good in this drama was its time duration. Other than this, nothing was up to the mark. Not even the angle of the cameras. The unwanted flash projection was disturbing the whole setup. Many had even commented on the makeup inconsistency. The movie was filled with spoilers. One time Emily was found wearing nude lipstick, and the other time, when she was running away from the ghost, she was seen in bright pink lipstick.

Some said this type of climax was made only because some or the other way, the makers and the director must have felt that the story was going nowhere. And so they must have thought this type of ending. But to comply with their target of timing, they had ended it abruptly, making it a total mess.

Well, it’s not like nobody loved it. Some people enjoyed this series, but the majority was of haters. So it’s for sure that next time the makers would search for some serious plots.

Another still from the movie when the ghost was haunting Emily

The unanswered questions

When the ending rolled out, the viewers were left puzzled. The various questions which were left unanswered are as follows. The first question is that why after her death, Emily re-entered that old-age home. Some say that it was because she wanted to meet her dead mother with whom Emily shared a close bond of relationship.

Other questions which were covering the space were, why Emily didn’t recognise that girl’s photograph, which was Emily herself? Those tarot cards and the ouija board belongs to whom? Emily itself or someone else? Why she didn’t realise that she again came into her own house? Why she wasn’t able to recognise her father? What about the other caretakers?

Fans were very disappointed by the slow and ill-managed storyline. Many complained about the cinematography too. The worst thing was that towards the end, despite solving the mysteries, the creators had entangled it even more. Which had resulted in disappointing the critics.

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