The ‘Polar Expedition’ — A Photography Exhibition By Mitul Dikshit

  • Alliance Française de Chandigarh presents — ‘The Polar Expedition’- A photography Exhibition by Mitul Dikshit & Idant his 9-year-old son
  • Adventure Enthusiast & Avid Photographer’s Exhibition brings alive the Arctic Circle

NewZNew, Chandigarh, 16th Oct 2015 – ‘Polar Expedition’ — a 3-day Photography exhibition by ardent photographer -Mitul Dikshit; an educationist and an adventure enthusiast along with his 9-year-old son Idant will be formally inaugurated by David Lelliot -Deputy British High Commissioner, Chandigarh and Dominique Waag-Director Alliance Francaise De Chandigarh at the Art Gallery, Alliance Francaise,Sector-36,Chandigarh on October 17 at 5:30 PM. The exhibition will continue till October 19th.


A Preview of the breathtaking photography showcase was specially held for the press today at Alliance Francaise. The exhibition displays 46 photographs from Scandinavia covering Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Greenland and Svalbard Islands in the Arctic Circle. 35 Photographs are by Mitul & 11 by the little shutterbug-Idant.


Mitul’s love of travel and interest in wilderness led him to travel both the Arctic and Antarctic around the ice and wildlife of the Polar Regions. The photographs by Mitul Dikshit cover the Polar bears, Birds, Walrus Seals, Reindeer and other Wildlife. Some photos are an absolute visual treat as they show icebergs in various lights drawn from the sun. The photographs by Idant cover the landscapes and culture of Scandinavia.

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Sharing his experience, Mitul Dikshit says, “The Arctic as a lesser-known region of the World was the ideal destination – beautiful, mysterious, lethal, enchanting and crucially, populated with extraordinary death-defying communities who somehow manage to thrive there.” Adds Mitul, “I was astounded by the intensity of the light; the sky is shot through with colours- pinks, oranges, lustrous reds. What’s more; clouds, landscapes & snow-covered hillsides are all swamped in dramatic Golds. It is preposterously beautiful.” However, discussing the photography challenges Mitul said, “The mesmerising Northern Lights proved elusive for the first few weeks of the journey, appearing as indistinct shimmerings on the horizon. Maybe I draw great comfort from remoteness and wildness; I suppose that is why I have always felt the lure of the Arctic so acute.”

For, young 9-year-old Idant, who has travelled to all the continents except Antarctica, it was a special experience following his father; a passionate traveler and trying to capture some beautiful images over the years. Idant’s work has been put on display for the second time, ever, using a Canon-G15 digital compact camera, gifted on his last birthday.

During such adventures, Mitul has been able to perfect his craft of photography & capture matchless wildlife and scenery. After, travelling all seven continents, Mitul’s photo collection has blossomed and developed to what we see today. Mitul has previously exhibited his work on ‘Wildlife Safari of Masai Mara’ and ‘The Great Barrier Reef’, which was diving underwater at the Great Barrier in Cairns, Australia.

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It is noteworthy that Mitul’s love for adventure and travel is brought to life through his photography. Mitul has travelled all the seven continents including Antarctica, on which his coffee table book named ‘Antarctica-Gods Own Canvas’, is being  published by Roli Publishers and should be out by the end of this year. Mitul’s diverse education, varied work and wide range of skills have opened doors to places and people that others might not encounter. His genuine love of life lends a unique perspective to his work, allowing him to capture the subject distinctively and to tell stories in a way that draws in the audience.


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