The rise of mobile gaming


A few years ago, the mobile gaming industry was dismissed as an afterthought by the most important game developers.

The rise of mobile gamingAimed initially at casual players and people unwilling to commit a lot of time to gaming, they werent expected to grow into a worldwide phenomenon. The rise of mobile gaming can be explained by the growing interest from regular people for the latest releases. As mobile devices become increasingly powerful, developers are encouraged to create better looking, more immersive games that bear many similarities to their PC and console counterparts.

A Real Choice between Single Player and Multiplayer Games

The early mobile games were basic, short and their appeal was limited by the fact that people could only enjoy them in single player mode. While there is no shortage of people who enjoy this gaming format, the most popular games are the ones that pit players against each other. These are the ones that stimulate healthy competition and the recent rise of the mobile gaming industry is fueled by such games. Inspired by their PC and console counterparts that have crossed the border into the eSports realm, games such as PUBG and Fortnite have caught the eye of mobile gamers.

Single player games for mobile devices continue to appeal to a large swath of casual players and are actively promoted by social networks. The simplicity of their gameplay and the vastly improved visuals make them the obvious choice for players who have limited time, but enjoy quality entertainment. Developed especially for smartphones and tablets, these are delivered through dedicated mobile apps that can be downloaded for free. They require minimal resources and run smoothly on Android and iOS-powered devices, even those that dont belong to the latest generation.

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Social and Casino Games Set New Milestones

The other direction in which the mobile gaming industry has made giant leaps forward is the one of social and casino games. You can find a list of new slot websites here. These are essentially the same types of slots, card and table games that can be played on the go on real and virtual currency. Social game promoters allow players to enjoy them straight in the browser with no financial commitments. Online casinos make an even better proposition, because they allow players to choose the way they gamble, by offering both real and virtual currency games.

Online casino apps can be downloaded from the official website for free and act as gateways to the entire ecosystem of slots, pokers and table games. Players can stick to virtual currency almost indefinitely and have it replenished by the casino whenever they run out of it. Those who seek the thrills of real money gambling can use the same app to load their accounts and play against tens of thousands of like-minded individuals. For the first time ever, smartphones and tablets are powerful enough to bring the thrills of land-based casinos to our fingertips and turn a regular day into a thrilling gaming session.


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