The Simbas of cricket


The Simbas of cricket: Africa has good representation in the world of cricket. The teams from this continent are great reasons to make all bets on sports only with 1xBet, and follow them.

The Simbas of cricket

Some of the most interesting squads from this part of the world include:

  • South Africa;
  • Zimbabwe;
  • and also Kenya.

The latter are known as the Simbas of cricket. This team has been part of the International Cricket Council as associate members since 1981. Since then, they have participated in many World Cups and other international competitions. While success hasn’t accompanied them as they wished, they are surely an interesting team to follow.

The team has won and lost its ODI status on a number of occasions. Each time they lose it, they fight hard to regain it. When trying to recover their ODI status, making all bets only with 1xBet on different sports, and following the Simbas, is a great idea.


Kenya did not always have a team of their own. In fact, several neighboring countries were grouped together into what was then known as the East Africa cricket team. Currently all the teams that formerly were part of this squad have gone their separate ways. This means that it is possible to find online cricket betting tips on 1xBet about Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda and wager on them independently.

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The first edition of the cricket World Cup was celebrated in 1975. The East African side was one of the squads who took part in it. Kenya contributed with roughly half of the squad. Unfortunately for this team, they lost all their matches, and were eliminated at early stages. On later occasions, they went to participate in other ICC sponsored competitions. It is possible to find on 1xBet some online cricket betting tips on those championships. Unfortunately for the East Africans, their results in said championships were not that positive.

Becoming an independent squad

Kenya finally decided to separate from the rest of the squad in 1981. During that year, they officially distanced themselves from the rest of the East Africa cricket squad by applying for ICC membership. This was granted in the same year, and allowed them to participate in lots of competitions featured at, with varying results.

As an independent squad, Kenya got interesting results almost right away. For example, they participated in the 1994 ICC Trophy. In this instance they finished in a pretty good second place behind the United Arab Emirates.

This gave them the right to participate in the 1996 Cricket World Cup. These competitions are also available at 1xBet, and in the 1996 edition they were able to beat the West Indies, which is one of their best results ever.