The World of Betting: Interesting and Unusual Stories


The World of Betting: Interesting and Unusual Stories: The development of online betting offers great opportunities for customers, who are not only interested in sports events but also like to add a little pepper to the result’s expectation by placing money bets.

The World of Betting: Interesting and Unusual Stories

All major sporting events in the world are covered on bookies sites such as The bookmaker’s list of events includes all the international tournaments and championships in football, tennis, hockey, basketball, etc.

Site visitors can make both preliminary stakes or watch the competition’s progress online, adjusting their bets according to the situation. Are you interested in less classic sports like rugby or squash? You have an opportunity to prove yourself in fields where nobody else dares. However, to achieve an unprecedented result, you need to do something that you have never done before.

Betting has not always been associated with sports. In the staking history, there have been events gathering multimillion-dollar audiences of bettors who had nothing to do with sports.

Celebrity Betting

During Britney Spears’ years of popularity, bets were made on the American singer’s pregnancy from a fan. Oddly enough, there were a lot of people who wanted to make a wager. What the bettors were counting on is not entirely clear. As if a singer would share this personal issue with the public. Maybe some presumptuous groom was counting on the heir from a popular star and also a winning million? Be that as it may, the bets did not play.

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Another celebrity, who fell under the supervision of bookmakers and their clients, was Elvis Presley. They were interested not in the singer’s work. Everyone was waiting for Elvis to fire his gun at the flying saucer. Additionally, the spacecraft was supposed to fall into the lake and kill the Loch Ness monster. Only in this situation, the player could expect to win. The event’s coefficient was no less than 1 to 14 million. Why not take a chance?

Bet on the Weather

Bookmaking in the UK, which is now the leader in this field of entertainment, appeared several centuries ago. Parlays then were taken not on football but the weather. It is not known how bookmaking survived in the conditions of Foggy Albion. It can be said weather wagers made it possible to involve a larger number of applicants. After all, predicting rain did not require special knowledge, as in the case of sports. However, analytical thinking would also not hurt to connect.

Apocalypse Stakes

Betting on the end of the world before the millennium was especially popular. Waiting for the last day of the Earth warmed the soul of bettors with high odds. It is not clear, however, when the lucky ones would have had time to spend the won amount in case of a “favorable” stake’s outcome. Probably, they hoped to escape or live the last minutes in the status of a millionaire, if the bookmakers had time to pay the due money at all.

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Surprising bets are a thing of the past, giving way to parlays close to reality. Bet deliberately, you can count on luck.

So one day she smiled at a player named Mick Gibbs. Not to be confused with Mel Gibson, his sources of income differ much. So, a simple worker, Mick decided to take a break from his everyday work and play with fortune by making an express bet on 15 events. And each event ended exactly as Gibbs intended. In addition, he trusted seemingly unpromising lines with high odds. After spending only 50 cents, he became the owner of $800,000. Unknown, is this a mysticism, foresight, or reward for the slogger’s hard work? But the bookmaker honestly paid its debt.


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