Think Gas will make City Gas Distribution Network in 3 States

Think Gas will make City Gas Distribution Network in 3 States : Natural gas constitutes only 6% of India’s primary energy mix despite being cheaper than oil on an energy equivalent basis. In order to balance the growing need for energy with environmental concerns, the Indian Government is looking to significantly increase the share of gas in the Nation’s energy mix.
Think Gas
THINK Gas shall partner in this effort by creating world class gas distribution infrastructure and making the Green Fuel available to a wide spectrum of customers.
Under the 9th CGD Bidding Round launched in April of this year, the Govt of India (through The Petroleum and Natural Gas Regulatory Board, the downstream regulator) offered City Gas Distribution development rights for 86 Geographical Areas (GAs) spread across 22 states and union territories covering 174 districts.
THINK Gas, a Gas Infrastructure Development and Marketing Company,has been awarded 4 City Gas Distribution (CGD) authorizations in the 9th CGD Bidding Round with exclusive rights to develop and operate CGD networks in 9 districts across the country – together covering a total area of approximately 23,000 square kilometers and a population of about 18 million.  These 9 districts are:
• Punjab (6): Ludhiana*, Barnala, Moga, Jalandhar*, Kapurthala and SBS Nagar– together covering an area of around 12,000 square kilometres
• Madhya Pradesh (2): Bhopal and Rajgarh– together covering an area of around 9,000 square kilometres; and
• Bihar (1): Begusarai covering an area of around 2,000 square kilometres
Under these authorizations, THINKGas has been given the sole responsibility of developing
CGD projects and supply:
1. Piped Natural Gas (PNG) to household for cooking and other domestic uses;
2. Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) to auto rickshaws, cars, taxis, busesand other commercial vehicles; and
3. Natural Gas (NG) to industries and commercial establishments
To do this,THINK Gas will be:
• laying a network of pipelines across the districts to connect households and commercial establishments (hotels, hospitals, malls, universities, schools etc.) to PNG;
• installinga network of CNGretail outlets to supply automotive customers; and
• constructing NG supply stations at commercial and industrial centres.
Natural Gas is a significantly cleaner and economical alternative to the fuels that are currently being used in the districts for cooking, heating, transportation and industrial production. Over a period of 25 years, natural gas is expected to save approximately 11.2 million tons of CO2 across these 9 districts. This is roughly equivalent to planting 22 million trees.Further, access to piped gas for cooking will reduce indoor pollution – a leading cause of respiratory disease in India.
Benefits of Piped Natural Gas (PNG)
PNG is a pollution free, economical and safer fuel that can be used for domestic kitchens, water heating, commercial units and multipleindustrial processes. It offers several benefits, including:
• Uninterrupted Supply
− Turn a tap any time of day or night and it is there
• Safety
− Being lighter than air, it floats away in case of leakage, minimizingthe risk of fire disasters
−Requires no storage as opposed to LPG cylinders
• Hassle- free
− No Spillage, Adulteration and Pilferage
− 24×7 Customer Service Support
• Pollution Free:
− No unpleasant soot, ash or odour
• Reduced Maintenance
− Increased Efficiency & Reduced Maintenance of Natural Gas Appliances
Benefits of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)
CNG is a green fuel which can be used in place of petrol and diesel to run vehicles. It has various benefits.
• More environment friendlythan petrol or diesel
− CNG reduces emission of CO2 by approximately 27% as compared to diesel
− CNG has significantly lower emission of SOx
• More Economical as compared to diesel and petrol
− Cheaper than petrol, and diesel with attractive mileage per fillings
• Easy to convert to dual fuel systems
− Standard conversion kits can be used to convert existing vehicles such that they can run on CNG as well as dieselor petrol
• Consistent availability of CNG
− THINK Gas shall set up retain outlets at key locations such that customers can access the fuel with ease across the districts
THINK Gas will create an environmentally and socially responsible sustainable business by following the highest level of corporate governance and environmental standards and implementing fair labor practices.
Supported by best-in-class customer service, THINK Gas will offer uninterrupted flow of clean and economical energy that will make a difference in the lives of the people of these districts. In this regard,THINKGas solicits the support and co-operation of the local communities and district administration and looks forward to being a long term partner with all.
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