Top 4 reasons why ICICI mutual fund is performing really well in the market


Top 4 reasons why ICICI mutual fund is performing really well in the market: The mutual fund has played a significant role in the investment sector in India, and one name that has made it much more purposeful to the investor is ICICI Prudential Fund.

With its various mutual fund scheme, the company is focusing on bridging the gap between investments and savings, thus, aiming to provide a relevant investment solution to the investors.

ICICI is the second largest AMC in India. Over the last 30 years, ICICI prudential funds have played an instrumental role in the mutual fund sector and have been the most trusted and reliable venture for their steady performance. To make this possible, ICICI prudential funds have developed their various investment scheme over the years thus, currently making it as one of the best places to invest. To have a better perspective on how to invest in ICICI mutual funds, check out some of the reasons that are given below.

Top 4 Reasons Why ICICI Mutual Fund is Performing Well in The Market

Efficient Risk Management

The fundamental approach of ICICI mutual fund is that it provides the option of diversification of investment to the investors. These help the investor to diversify their investment in case there are unhappy or is not satisfied with their present mutual fund scheme. In this way, it not only help investors to manage the risk effectively but also gives them a sense of security. The mutual fund schemes of ICICI are designed in an investor centric approach thereby, giving a suitable mix of process orientation and investment mix to the investors.

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In the past couple of years, ICICI has launched a couple of schemes which are drafted to bolster the investors from facing the risk burden. This has helped them to perform well in the market and has helped them make a position among the top five best mutual fund companies in India. ICICI mutual fund also provides the investors with the option of choosing between high, medium and low-risk schemes. As a result, the company is not only efficient in dealing with risk management but also provides investors with the option of protecting their investment.

Provides Tax Benefit

In accordance with Section 80C of the Income Tax, there are certain mutual funds that provide the investor with the option of tax benefit. In this context, it is better for you to invest in ELSS mutual fund of ICICI as it provides tax exemption. Moreover, investing in ELSS mutual fund provides a higher return to the investors as the portfolio works on equity. Therefore, before investing, you should thoroughly go through the different mutual funds of ICICI.

The investors can also check some other tax-saving schemes of ICICI like PPF as opting for this scheme will help you to save funds during the time of retirement. Choosing the ULIP mutual fund will also provide you with the facility of tax exemption. Therefore, opting for the ICICI mutual fund offers a varied tax benefit option provided, the investors make a proper analysis in order to save taxes.

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A Fund for Everyone

Over the years, the ICICI mutual fund industry has evolved and have understood the varied needs of the investors. The company, therefore, offers a plethora of option to the investors to suit their choices in accordance with their needs and preference.  Therefore, plan your financial goal, understand the risk involves and then, invest in an ICICI scheme that you find fitting.

One of the reasons why ICICI mutual fund is performing so well in the market is because they have tailored made schemes for everyone. The investment centric approach, coupled with the tailored made scheme, has made it a preferable option to the investors. Opting for investing in ICICI mutual fund will not only provide you with the option of meeting your financial goal but will also help you to have good investment experience. Moreover, its constant innovative approach, coupled with facilities like sustained risk-adjusted performance and consistency, has made it a better performer in the mutual fund market.

Professional Experts manage the fund

The performance of a company always depends upon how the professional experts are running the company. ICICI works with professional experts who have the experience and knowledge about the market condition and can efficiently tackle different financial matters. The professional experts of ICICI ensure that they give their best so that your investment fetches a good return. With a dedicated team of professionals, ICICI bank is not only offering various types of mutual funds option but also works round the clock to make your scheme a success.

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The change in style with a new resolution and approach to ensure better investment solutions has made ICICI mutual funds to perform really well in the market. Besides this, a variety of other strategies and consistent performance has helped to make its presence felt effectively in the mutual fund market.


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