Top-5 Relevant and Simple Casino Tips for Winners


Top-5 Relevant and Simple Casino Tips for Winners: We all agree that winning in online slot gaming is all about luck. Also, there is little you can do to improve your luck in games that are completely random and depend on chances.

Top-5 Relevant and Simple Casino Tips for Winners

However, that does not mean you should give yourself the best winning chances. After all, every little thing helps.

Here are some best casino tips by experts to tip the scale of your winnings in this game of luck.

Learn when to bet max, less or play more lines

The rules are pretty simple while playing poker slots- if the denomination is higher, you have better odds. Therefore, you should bet one coin per line on a cent game instead of playing five coins.

When playing video poker, focus on betting higher on lower denominations. There is a higher potential of you winning top prizes or a jackpot at a lower denomination than earning extra on lesser hands at higher ones.

Don’t rush while playing progressive slots.

Progressive slots, aka jackpot slots, are not fixed at all. Each time someone bet the jackpot increases in size. These slots are often worth millions, and once they are won, the prize resets to zero. It will again start to build up once players start wagering.

There are chances that you may earn money just in a single spin, provided the value of the slot is quite high. However, never wager on a slot when it is at its lowest value.

The other important point is that progressive jackpot slots are operated over a single network. Meaning, players of more than one platform are taking part in it. So, the same prize is available to a large number of casino players, which makes your winning slimmer.

If you see the progressive jackpot worth several million, then you may give it a try. It is great if you win, but don’t make the mistake of rushing for a second bet. Take your sweet time and wait until the slot is filled; that makes it worthy of wagering again.

Go for non-progressive slots.

You still can win big in non-progressive slots, aka regular slots, with more assurance of winning. Non-progressive slots are fixed and worth the same amount as progressive slots regardless of how frequently they are won.

A regular slot also has a jackpot that can go as high as 500 times of your wager money. If you win the jackpot, you will always get 500x of your stake. However, the prizes are smaller as compared to progressive ones, and the amount you win is often based on your wagering amount.

Check the volatility

Volatility is a payout metric that comes with a theoretical prediction about the amount and time the game is likely to pay. You also find this information next to the RTP rate. If the game is marked as highly volatile, it will give you long dry spells with occasional big wins. Similarly, low volatile games give frequent but small wins. Medium is a combination of both. 

Choose Low House Edge Games

Remember that online casinos are businesses that are here to make profits at the end of the day. The best way to ensure that is by slanting some games in their favour. This practice is known as the House Edge, which means the ratio of a player’s average loss and the initial amount bet by them.

It explains how casinos earn after all payouts. This depends on the machine or a table.

The house edge percentage falls under three categories- low, medium and high.

The house edge percentage in three-card games, video poker and blackjacks can touch up to 3.5 percent, which is considered low.

Games like roulette and medium slots fall under the medium category, with the house edge ranging between 5 to 10 percent. Medium, simple and keno slots, on the other hand, come with high house edge percent up to 40 percent.

In terms of winning, you have more chances on blackjack, poker and video poker as their house edges may dip to 0 percentage in some variations.


Hope you have enough information to make informed decisions while wagering money on casino slots next time. You will find hundreds and thousands of games on online gambling platforms, which is enough to confuse a beginner. If you are entering an online casino for the first time, make sure to learn the rules of the games beforehand. For that, you can go for virtual casino platforms and play it using virtual money before trying your luck with real money Casino App.