“The Trial of Saddam Hussein” Book Released


NewZNew (Chandigarh) : In line with the US Presidential Elections and the related world-wide campaigning, S.S.Nahar, IPS (Retd.) releases his book “The Trial of Saddam Hussein” based on American policy of external security and capitalist oppression today.

The Trial of Saddam Hussein is the third book in the trilogy penned by Nahar, the first two being “Peace-Eternal,” and The Traps of American Empire. The book was jointly released by Mr C.K.Sawhney (former DGP, Punjab) and Mr. P.S.Hura (former DGP, Pb).

The book highlights and elucidates how the sham trial of Saddam Hussein is an illustration of the violation of the concepts of Sanctity of Sovereignty, Justice and fair legal procedure. In his book, Nahar offers a long lasting solution from eventualities like disruption of world peace as lying in maintaining the Moral Order by unitedly opposing and even challenging the American policies, ideology, concepts and even instruments.

Nahar said, “A question can be raised how Saddam Hussein can be called a hero when he was declared guilty for the killing of 148 persons and committing atrocities on many more? For this, the explanation is that he as a President was attacked and these persons were found guilty for the attack in proper judicial proceedings and were awarded the death sentence. As for the atrocities on other people, during the investigation some innocent people may have also suffered. Therefore, either for the death sentence or for atrocities on other people neither Saddam Hussein nor the Chief Justice were personally responsible and no evidence had come on record against them or against any of the other 6 co-accused persons.”

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The author rested his argument and said, “America killed 6 lac Iraqis and also devastated the whole country. An American author has posed a question if Saddam Hussein could be hanged for killing 148 persons then how many times America and its Western allies would be hanged for doing justice to Iraq?”

The book hails the indomitable spirit of Saddam Hussein and strongly condemns the latent imperialism practiced by America, “The spirit with which Saddam Hussein offered himself as a “sacrifice” with eyes wide open and intoning verses of the Holy Kuran while at the gallows, make him not only a hero but even a great martyr.”

Besides book stores, the book is also available on Amazon.


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