Two kidney patients get a new lease of life at IVY Hospital



NewZNew (Chandigarh) : Ever heard of a sister deciding to donate her kidney to her brother on Raksha Bandhan just to give a new lease of life to the latter? If not, Dr Ajay Goyal, Nephrologist, IVY Hospital, Mohali, has a story to share. “Ambala Cantt resident Aman Kumar (name changed), a 24-year-old software engineer, was diagnosed with a kidney problem some six months back. His job was at risk because of frequent absence from work due to need for treatment. When he came to me, I advised him to go for kidney transplant which could provide a permanent solution to his problems,” said Dr Goyal.

Explaining further, Dr Avinash Srivastava, Director Renal Transplant Surgery, IVY Hospital, Mohali said, “Aman had to find an eligible donor. His father was detected with some liver disease and was rejected. He had blood mismatch with his mother. However, his younger sister Reena, who is 21 years old, came forward and decided to donate her kidney to save her brother’s life on Raksha Bandhan.”


There is another example. Rajni, is a 42-year-old lady, was diagnosed with a damaged kidney one year back. Since then, she was on regular hemodialysis. Her life was tough because in addition to taking care of her family and kids she had to fight for her own survival. “Her husband was struggling to get her proper treatment because of high costs. When she came to us we advised her to go for kidney transplant, which was the best possible treatment. Her brother Krishan, who is 45 years old, decided to donate a kidney to his sister. Transplant was done at our centre and both are okay now,” shared Dr Raka Kaushal, Chief Nephrologists and Transplant Physician, IVY Hospital, Mohali.


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