Two Stage Procedure treats complicated Arthritic Shoulder


Two Stage Procedure treats complicated Arthritic Shoulder: Mohali, September 18, 2020: A unique case of clinical improvisation by a doctor at Fortis Hospital, Mohali helped treat a complicated case of Arthritic Shoulder of a 73-year-old man from Ropar recently.

Two Stage Procedure treats complicated Arthritic Shoulder: Mohali, September 18, 2020

Dr Manit Arora performed this two stage procedure to completely cure an immobile and infected shoulder of the septuagenarian patient. The patient is now completely cured and leading a normal life.

Mr. Tarsem Lal came to Fortis Mohali in a state of complete despair. He was suffering from an infected and immobile shoulder. Earlier treatment at multiple small Bone & Joint peripheral centers had complicated his condition. He was treated with multiple steroid injections and a surgery that led to severe pain in the shoulder with a high fever and sleepless nights.

Dr Manit Arora planned for a two-stage procedure. In this unique innovation, the first procedure involved removing his infection completely. This is followed by the second procedure of shoulder replacement to cure severe arthritis. Mr. Tarsem Lal is living a pain-free life and is self-dependent for all purposes.

Speaking about the case and the procedure applied for its treatment, Dr. Arora said, “Such a surgery required thorough precision with an experience in manning superior instruments, trained clinical and supervision staff and a strong infrastructure to rely on. Had Mr Tarsem Lal shown up earlier, his suffering would have been very limited. He advises to trust only the best for your well-being.”

Speaking about the treatment, Mr Lal said, “I couldn’t lift my shoulder and perform the most basic activities of routine life like combing my hair. I was completely dependent on my family members, which used to make me feel like a liability! As all attempts at getting relief through periphery clinics went futile, I decided to get my treatment done at Fortis Hospital, Mohali. I am extremely happy that my shoulder is mobile and infection-free! ” 

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