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Uber introduces the SOS alert solution for law enforcement in India

NewZNew (Chandigarh) : Two months ago, we introduced upgraded technology in-app, including an SOS button so riders can immediately contact local authorities in the rare event of an emergency. Over this period, our Safety team has worked tirelessly to enhance our SOS feature to be more robust and comprehensive.

To that end, we have developed a bespoke solution which is ready to be rolled out across cities in India. Now, when a rider pushes the SOS button, not only will they be connected with the local authorities over the phone but Uber’s backend system will simultaneously generate a real-time ‘SOS alert’ that is sent directly to the local police control room that responds to emergencies.

The instantaneous alert contains critical information of the relevant trip and is projected on a dedicated screen in the control room of local law enforcement agency. This advanced tech upgrade to the existing SOS feature enables the Police to act within moments of being alerted in the rare event of an emergency, and often times, a few seconds make all the difference.

Control Room Setup Tested in Kolkata

With the help of this technology solution, local Police will be able to track every SOS alert from an Uber ride real-time within their city.

When asked about these type of collaborations, the former Commissioner of Police, Delhi,  BK Gupta said, “It is important that industry and law enforcement take a strong collaborative approach towards ensuring passenger safety. Uber’s efforts to this end are highly commendable; their technology solutions which bring unprecedented transparency, traceability and accountability are making moving around cities safer. Partnerships like these, where all stakeholders work together as a team with the best interests of the community at heart, will go a long way in making India safer.”

After an intensive and successful period of beta-testing in Kolkata, we are in advanced discussions with authorities to launch this solution in multiple cities across India in the coming weeks. Uber is taking the lead to create the capability amongst all companies providing or facilitating on-demand transportation to connect into this control room.

The leadership shown by the Commissioner of Police, Government of West Bengal, City of Bidhannagar, for passing an order regulating on-demand transportation technology aggregators as technology companies under the IT Act, 2000 and putting the safety of citizens first must yet again be applauded. This first-step was significant in making our vision for an advanced alert solution a reality for law enforcement authorities across the country.

Mrs. Deval Delivala, India Safety Lead, Uber said: “We are deeply committed to making transportation in India safer. We welcome the opportunity to partner with Police departments and other law and order agencies around the country to embrace technology and improve accountability in urban mobility for the benefit of millions of commuters in cities across India.” 

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