ULLU Web Series ROBOT Full Episode Watch Online Cast And Actress Name


ULLU Web Series ROBOT Full Episode Watch Online Cast And Actress Name: One of the most-watched OTT platforms among the youngsters of India. This is a famous platform for making adult content. This OTT platform is such a platform that has been getting a huge number of followers in a short span of time.

ULLU Web Series ROBOT Full Episode Watch Online Cast And Actress Name

While making adult content, the makers introduce the audience to such stories that are true and hidden. The makers are set to introduce the fas with a unique concept that they have named “ROBOT.”

This is happening for the first time in the history of this OTT platform that it has prepared a science fiction. This science fiction is about to be released on the upcoming Friday. The primer will be streaming online on the platform of ULLU. ROBOT seems to be completely unique content from all the previous content. As far as the story is considered, this is supposed to be a fictional story of a sex robot.

This show is supposed to be breaking the record o online streaming on the account of its different storyline. The show is bound to be in Hindi Language only as the makers do not dub their episodes in any other language.


As far as the cast on this upcoming show is discussed, Nisha will be seen in the lead as a robot. She is one of the natural actresses who has already shown her talent with her acting skills in some prior series of OTT platform ULLU. The fans are ready to watch this series with excitement. Apart from Nisha, there are more actors and actresses in the show that you have seen in other shows of the same streaming platform as well as others.

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Plot of ROBOT

The story is bound to be adult content as per the reputation of the concerned production studio. According to the trailer of this web show, there is a female robot who is an expert at intercourse so that it may quench the thrust of humans. The robot is invented by a scientist and the invention of a sex robot leads to creat troublesome circumstances in the life of the inventor of the robot.

Release Date

The latest updates have revealed that the show has been scheduled to be released on Friday, December 24, 2021.

Where to watch?

This web show is bound to be streaming on the platform of ULLU like the other creations of this platform. The willing audience may watch this show on the app of ULLU and also the official website of the same app.


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