Unique barbeque framing behind iconic Mahindra Thar


Unique barbeque framing behind iconic Mahindra Thar: The iconic SUV, Mahindra Thar is made by using a unique process called Barbeque Framing at the Nashik facility.

Unique barbeque framing behind iconic Mahindra Thar

Barbeque framing is not something to be seen at car manufacturing plants but is an important fixture at Mahindra & Mahindra’s plant.

The Thar is manufactured at the Nashik facility. The basic assembly goes into the barbeque framing station where structure of the Thar comes together. The side panels that incorporate the structure for the wheels and rearview arch also come in.

In this giant jig structure of barbeque framing, the roof is welded on to the body, a critical part of the manufacturing process which gives it strength. This is one of the key reasons why the Thar is so much easier to drive.

Now the bones or the skeletal structure of the Thar is ready. The bodies are stacked and sent to the assembly line for the build process where the first quality checks take place. Inspectors also check the finishing of the Thar so that it looks flawless.

Robots work on putting together the doors in a mechanised process to ensure tight fits and then the bodies with the doors are sent to the paint shop.

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The painted body then runs down the assembly line where it comes to life. The wiring goes into it, so do the trim elements followed by the dashboard.

The engine is made at Mahindra’s powertrain facility at Igatpuri and the transmission is also installed there which is then sent to Nashik.

The windshield is bonded on to the body. Finally, the marriage takes place as the finished body is bolted on to the chassis. After the show test, the Thar is ready is roll into showrooms and garages after quality checks.

The Thar windplate says it all, “Made in India, With Pride”.