VAASTU Course conducted by Yoga Prana Vidya


Energy VAASTU Course conducted by YPV (Yoga Prana Vidya) Foundation at Hotel Lalit here. The Course was conducted by Wg. Cdr. NJ Reddy, the Founder of YPV organisation. Energy VAASTU is a technology that teaches us how to increase energies of success , good health, happiness, prosperity and spirituality using the energy field of the earth. More that 50 YPV healers attended this course .

Those who have done courses in Colour Prana are eligible for the Energy VAASTU course. The day started with an Orientation on YPV  a group meditation and a mass healing session by The Founder . A gathering of more than 100 people enjoyed the Energy Healing session.
He insisted on recharging bodies by regular Rhythmic Breathings, forgiveness Sadhana to de tangle ourselves and emphasised on salt free diets. Meditation is a technique to tap into vast reservoir of energy which surrounds us for our personal development.
Tricity YPV foundation keeps organising such courses at regular basis. Log on to know more. Download YPV apps to do all these exercises on regular basis.
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