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What you need to know about tech recruiting platforms

What you need to know about tech recruiting platforms: Manpower is an important asset of an organization. It is important to choose the candidates of an organization wisely so s to run it in an aesthetic way.

What you need to know about tech recruiting platforms

A number of organizations of the recent days have come to use tech recruitment platforms that measure both the psychology and talents of the recruits in their interviewing process.

These tests help to forecast the nature and behavior of their recruits so as to fit the right minds in the right jobs. When these recruitment tools are used correctly, they can amplify the success of an organization to many folds. There are ample applications of these tests in an organization.

  • They help in recruitment
  • They are used in the training and development of candidates
  • Helps with organizational planning
  • Helps with performance evaluation of employees
  • Enhanced employee engagement.

Psychometric tests are a multi-measure test, they are a combination of personality tests, cognitive ability tests, and interest tests. Recruitment processes relying primarily on interviews, personality tests, and reference checks are becoming insignificant. And, there is a drive to incorporate complex psychometric tests in the recruitment process so as to filter the right fit employees.

Benefits of tech recruiting platforms:

The role of psychometric tests in recruitment platform is not limited and can be used in different segments of an organization. Psychometric testing can be incorporated for both SMEs and large organization; they can also be used as a part of the recruitment strategies as well. Some inherent advantages of these tests are listed below,


The main goal of the recruitment agenda is to fill the existent vacancies with the right people. Interviews by itself cannot measure the capability of a candidate. Psychometric tests serve as a benchmark to offer a comparative view of the results against other applicants.

Saves time and cost:

By using psychometric tests at the beginning of the application process, helps to eliminate the piles of application forms. It filters people and makes it easy for the organization to choose the best from the filtered mass of the competitive talent market.

Identifies inherent traits:

A strongly constructed psychometric test is indeed difficult to impart, in most of the cases, the results reflect the candidate. These results render an inside view of how the candidate is going to engage with the workplace. These tests incorporate both behavioural traits testing quotients along with testing the technical aspects.

Standardized test tool:

Psychometric testing is a fair form of testing; though some larger organizations define these tests to make them more specific, candidates interacting with the test generally go through the same process without any sort of bias. Standardized testing tools are an excellent alternative for traditional interviews as the latter rests heavily on the mind-set of the interviewer.

Fitment of the candidate:

The process of recruitment is not just about hiring strong talents but in choosing those with the ability to fit into a job role along with the talent set. Luckily, the psychometric test also tests the behavioural components of the candidate and thus assesses how well the candidate will fit with the culture of the company. Such fitments are absolutely essential as it reflects on the employee attrition rates as well.’

Reasons why Coding recruiters like the tech recruiting platform:

The tech recruiting platforms based on various psychometric tests are able to automatically evaluate the code of the candidate on various parameters. The realistic and robust tech recruitment platformis irresistible and there are ample tech recruiting platforms available online that helps with the core recruitment process of an organization. Organizations can either pick up a test from their extensive programming library or create their own test by making use of the existing questions.


The tool finds extensive usage in detecting the software- code compilation abilities of the candidates and thus finds extensive use in software organizations. Its automated system checks plagiarism, detects code similarity be it partial or outright and also identified code structure and other parameters based on an automated system. The tool uses a combination of measure of software similarity (MOSS) and in-house string comparison algorithm to avoid plagiarism completely. After the completion of the tests, a detailed report of the candidate is offered which includes the code compilation attempts, code complexities, etc.


The realistic online coding platform offers awesome coding challenges for the candidates and also draws a report in a video format for the recruiters. The test offers the complete video of codes recorded at every keystroke to learn if he or she has actually executed the program. Scores are awarded based on a number of parameters. These parameters include code correctness, time and space complexities, difficulty levels, etc.


After the completion of the coding tests, the automated and detailed report of the candidate is rendered. The report includes the number of compilation attempts, code complexities, error details and also the actual code. There are also options to re-grade and re-evaluate the solution apart from using an automated one.

For the Candidate:

The realistic and robust tech recruitment platform for tech recruitment and to assess the coding abilities of the candidates is also preferred by the candidates for its user-friendly interface. The questions are easy to follow and the entire experience is made easy and fun. The candidates are also free to customize the editor as per their convenience and choose their desired language for coding.

The tool uses an auto-complete feature that automatically recommends language specific suggestions at particular syntax points. The candidates can enjoy the comfort of completing coding tasks assigned to the candidate by giving them certain context driven suggestions.

Final Words:

The tech recruitment platforms are thus beneficial in choosing the right talents with the right mind-set for an organization in the easiest and simplest way possible. Its auto-complete features recommend language specific suggestions at specific syntax points and its interface is extremely easy to institute and use. The tool offers the liberty to code in more than twenty languages and makes it easy for the recruiters to assess the abilities of the tech candidates as well.

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