Why are People so Afraid of Politics?


The fear of politics

Gone are the days when politicians were respected, and politics was considered to be a good subject; now most of the people are afraid to even talk about it. The worst thing is that this is happening around the globe and not in just a specific country. The moment you hear people talking about politics is the moment you realize that you either need to get up and leave the place or change the topic. Of course, it depends upon you and your interest in politics.

If you are interested in talking about politics, you can stick to the group that’s into a discussion of the same. On the other hand, if you are not interested in politics at all, you can leave the place or politely refuse to talk about it. In the end, it all depends upon the kind of conversation you want to get into related to politics.

When it comes to preparing political thesis writing at school or college, you feel really scared to put down your opinion. Firstly, people don’t welcome negative opinion related to the politician that they admire; secondly, writing on politics can be quite boring. Not everybody is keen to write about politics.

Personally, if you tell me to write about politics, I would not be drafting even a single statement on it. I am the least political person you would ever meet in your life. I don’t like placing my opinion on politics or any politician because I believe I would only end up fighting or arguing with people. Had I been in college and had I been given the topic of politics to write on, I would have hired an experienced expert writer to work for myself.

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The maximum thing I could do is get into a little bit of research on the topic and share the views with the writer I had hired. This way, I could focus on other things and allow the writer to work on the assignment I was least interested in. Trust me, and this is that one thing that a lot of college students are doing these days.

What makes people afraid of politics?

There are thousands of reasons why people are afraid of politics and prefer staying away from it. Different people have different reasons. The most common reasons are:

Negative opinions on politicians are not respected by people supporting certain politicians: Whether it is you or I, we all have various opinions for politicians. You may have a positive attitude towards a specific politician, and I may have a negative one for the same person. The ugliest thing about people is that they are not open to listening to negative opinions on politicians that they like. This leads to a lot of conflicts within people.

A few people have blind faith in certain politicians: It is true that a few people can’t listen to anything against the politicians that they like. Even when their favorite politicians are caught doing something ugly, and there are proofs to prove them wrong, people still support them. People dislike politics: There are a lot of people who dislike politics and can do anything to stay away from it. There can be nothing bad than getting into an ugly fight with your sibling, parent or best friend while talking about a certain political party or person.

People are not very comfortable in talking about politicians with a negative image in the market: Since there are a lot of politicians who have an ugly image in the market, people like us would never wish to speak about them. It is like talking about “evil spirits!” Their topics are very disturbing, and thus, people avoid getting into it.

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Need we say anything more? Political arguments lead to fights and disputes: There is a lot of people who breakup because of arguments on politicians. If you don’t believe me, visit a few online forums and read everything about it. There are so many people who get into terrible arguments because they support different politicians.

This is one of the major reasons why people fear talking about politics and politicians. Politics is said to be dirty: Do you know how dirty politics is? I believe everybody knows how ugly politics has become these days. Gone are the days when there was immense respect for politicians; people don’t even wish to get up and vote during elections because they know that most of the politicians don’t deserve it.

Not everyone can handle political talks: Some people are extremely sensitive towards politics and political talks. Thus, they can’t even stand politics happening in their organization. Therefore, they avoid getting into a conversation that revolves around politics or any politician in any way at all. It makes them very uncomfortable to discuss such things. It takes courage to stand against a politician, who is well-supported by maximum population in the country: You have to be very courageous to put forward your negative views against a politician.

If you dislike a politician ruling your country at the moment, you need to be ready for all the trolling that’ll be caused to you, once you put a negative comment about them. Politics is quite demotivating for most of the people around the globe: Some people dislike politics from the core of their heart. There was a time when politics was created to help a country run in the most efficient manner; now people are using politics only to fill their pockets, without being worried about the citizens of the country they are “ruling.”

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There are too many political parties to talk about: There are so many politicians out there that it is not possible for you to talk about all of them. The worst is that all of them have got a criminal record in some or the other way. Even if they have not had a criminal record, they have been into controversies.

Politics can be quite boring because:

  • People have different opinions
  • Most of the parties are fake
  • Most of the parties work only a handful of days before the elections
  • Trusting any politician is very difficult in today’s world, and hence, most of the people tend to talk less about them
  • Politicians can be dangerous at times and thus, be making statements about them is very risky


There are so many countries around the globe in which people are afraid to talk about politicians and politics. When you visit such countries, you notice that people whisper when you bring out the topic related to a specific politician. This is because they are scared to talk about the politician openly. First of all, most of the politicians are culprits. Secondly, there is a lot of hatred in the hearts of the citizens of the country, but they can’t talk openly about it since they are too scared to do so.


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