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Windows 10 : Blessing for Bing Search?

NewZNew (Feature) : Microsoft has been facing a lot of criticism about its Internet Browser recently but Windows 10 is seeming to be a golden opportunity to stay alive in the cut-throat Competitive market in the tech world. It has been rumored that Windows 10 was introduced because of the semi-failure of Windows 8. But as per the reviews and feed backs from the customers; the functions, streamlines are remarkable and this will definitely put Microsoft in the Competition far too ahead. Let’s talk about its Search Engine ’Bing’.


Primarily, it’s not exactly what it looks because it is presented in the bottom corner of the screen as a ‘Search Bar’ but not an ordinary search station. Bing is upgraded and featured such that it will find everything including the document stored on a hard drive , information from Wikipedia, etc. That is why it is given a nickname as ‘The Universal Search”.

One of the brilliant artificial intelligence illustration of language recognition, advanced features and robust functionality is ‘Cortana’. It can listen to the audible requests for an information and commands to archive it with the Internet. Hence, Bing has made a revolution in the conventional browser algorithm than the normal web browser currently in use. Though, Apple and Google are trying to be back on their heels to survive in the market but right now Microsoft is at the driver’s seat.  The user experience is awesome and slightly ahead  than the common regular usage. Though, one of the slightest cons of Cortana is that it isn’t available for many of the world’s location. Indian users are currently devoid of enjoying this excellent feature.

It should be noted that the popularity of Google Search is terribly high in the market all over the world. Although, Bing is one of the fully recovered product for the customers there are certain  past debated rejections that it has to overcome and that can be only done by an extra-ordinary branding. People are habituate of using ultimate and standard search engine ‘Google’ and that has become a kind of addiction for the users which is almost unconquerable. Thus , it would be curious to see the approach of Microsoft to defeat that routine.  Microsoft has put forward the right strategy to automatically force the users to adopt it in a most sneakier route. Users will be subvert to the Bing Power search even though users will sometimes be unknown to it. Since Bing powers  Yahoo Search and Apple’s Siri and Facebook’s Search, users might be using the Bing even when they don’t know it.

Therefore, Bing is climbing the affirmative mountains it is only getting only 10% search queries so there’s a long mile to cut Google from the Competition. With more and more integrations, Windows 10 Ace ‘Bing’ will be rising in the upcoming years

CP Singh
CP Singh
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