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Wizdome Pre School students learn importance of vegetables

Wizdome Pre School students learn the importance of vegetables : Wizdome Pre-School, Peer Muchlla, students were given lessons in importance of vegetables in their diet.
Wizdome Pre School students learn the importance of vegetables
The school director Veena Arora organised a special session for students in which they were made aware of nutritive value of vegetables in their lives.
The students were also shown live green and leafy vegetables on the occasion. Principal Gayatri and other teachers of the school explained to the young students that green and leafy vegetables are necessary for proper growth and good health of the body as it contains all the necessary nutrients.
They were told that vegetables have a huge contribution in our lives. Regular consumption of vegetables strengthens our health and the internal system of the body.
Proper intake of vegetables increases our digestive power and provides the ability to fight against diseases. She told that we get sufficient amount of protein and minerals from vegetables.
Healthy foods are more beneficial for fast mind than normal diet. She said that regular fruits and vegetables lead to better health.
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