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Young Fashion Designers from India to make a mark on International Platform

Young Fashion Designers from India to make a mark on International Platform: With India becoming the focal point for the Fashion industry across the globe, doors have opened for young and aspiring Fashion designers to showcase their work on various platforms.

Young Fashion Designers from India to make a mark on International Platform

As new fashion schools and colleges are opening up very frequently to provide a platform for budding designers, experts say this is just the beginning. “What fashion means to me: It’s a way of getting creativity to life. Fashion talks itself, for example, people are judged by what they wear. It describes you.

So the thought of standing out and being unique matters the most to me. Both my collections have aspects of fashion that are yet to be brought to the industry and the trend will last another decade. My collections are displayed at all social media @saraniofficial,” says a young and committed Saloni Hariyani. Below are the highlights from a candid conversation on young Indian designers, their aspirations and the international exposure.


I was highly influenced by the craze of mix-matching my clothes which lead to further development. By the age of 12, I had already decided what I wanted to do with my life and it was fashion designing but only recently for two years I have been working in the field and making practical clothes. I was inspired to design clothing that people have never seen before. I want to make an impact on the industry. My family and best friend have played the role of the biggest support system in the world.


It’s the way you look at things, always have an open mind. If you have a different perspective from everyone you can work and transform fashion. I usually keep up with the latest shows all over the world and regularly read about style types that experienced and high-fashion designers share.

This can help anyone who has a keen interest in the industry. I would always suggest to style not according to color but according to the thought of being unique. If you think what you wear is unique and not like the others go ahead and wear it. Make a difference because that’s what fashion is all about. If you succeed in doing so, you could grow in no time in the industry.


Many designers have started to showcase their talents by the age of 18, but not all of them have succeeded. The major reason why? well, it’s their technique of advertising and dealing with business in the industry.

I have developed the brand page as an already running business, and I believe the best way to deal with situations in the industry is to have a strong perspective so no one competes with the way you think. Also, a few young designers have succeeded in doing so which has earned their brand a royalty image.


I have a direct plan for my business as I complete high school. Along with working on my undergraduate studies, CSR will jointly run a fully functional business providing the best of designs. I hope to make SARANI, my brand, reach a position of Label in this industry, known all around India and internationally.


Indian designers have started to build themselves a huge base on international platforms, being FalguniShanePeacock, my role models and mentors. They have been my inspiration as their work has played an important role internationally.

Their designs have been worn by JLo and Beyonce for many music performances and Manushi Chillar at Miss world when she was crowned. This shows that Indian designers are equally at a stand in the fashion industry, and thriving for the biggest label in the world.


When I design, I keep in mind the features of things around me like nature, materials, and other things. I try to incorporate their features into my design to make something different. Currently, I am specialized in women’s wear but in one of my collections, I was able to include a futuristic men’s wear outfit. I believe I have a different style and I love to work with rich looking fabric and experiment and transform designs.

I also love to add a touch of couture to all my designs. I am always in search of a new charm (NOUVELLE ALLURE). I also work a lot with transforming anything I see into fashion, for example, I see a pretty fish and use its features into my design. So basically, I have the ability to transform anything I see into an outfit.


I had the support of my school CVSL, to showcase my designs and I was given an opportunity to showcase my collection “50 Years hence” at an opening ceremony of an interschool called SPANDAN (2017-18), people from different schools came to look at the collection.

It was a collection showing the inspiration for future wear. I used lights and foil looking material in the dress. I had 12 outfits in a total of 11 female and one male. All the dresses were sewed by me. This till now has been one of my biggest achievements.


SARANI is founded by CSR (Hariyani Family), in 2019. It is a brand that is showcasing designs created by me. We have a total of two collections and have showcased at 2 fashion shows. SARANI works with high fashion and couture and tries to bring the best to the fashion industry and make a difference.

Our inspiration for our designs is anything and everything around us, we are able to incorporate their designs into high fashion clothing. I aim to set up SARANI into a full grown brand and have the most unique designs and make a difference in the Fashion industry.

CP Singh
CP Singh
I am a Graphic Designer and my company is named as CP Grafix, it is a professional, creative, graphic designing, printing and advertisement Company, it’s established since last 12 years.

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