Youngsters dancing in the color of Garba and Dandiya


On the arrival of Goddess Durga, on the one hand, there was Navratri celebration, Girls and women dressed in flamboyant colors, while on the other hand music of Dandiya echoed the entire atmosphere.

Beginning with two days of Garba Night “Masti with Bhakti” at Harmilap Nagar, along with Aarti, about 500 people celebrated Navratri with the tunes of Gujarati, Punjabi and Hindi devotional songs. Dholie Tharo Dhol Baaje, Nagada with Dhol Baaj, Woh Krishna hai song’s non stop tunes made everyone to dance and celebrate this festival.

Program organizer Shobha Jindal said, “Garba Ras is a traditional culture of Gujarat and people here in North like it as much as Gujarati themselves. We want that Punjab and Haryana’s culture should also be presented in other states in such a way that people can also add them to their fun festivals. “

Mr. Kamal Jindal, Director of the program’s Hermitage Plaza said, “We always prefer the happiness of families whether they are in the form of a house or as a business. Garba Ras is a family celebration and we are very happy for our participation and collaboration with this event. “

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