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100% Carbide Free Mangoes to Organic Mangoes available only at HyperCITY Retail

NewZNew (Amritsar) : Mangoes are the most-awaited part of summers! Come summer and it brings along the jubilant season of mangoes,unleashingtheinner childin everyone.A timeless favourite of Indians, versatile mangoes never fail to please; some like to relish the sweet ripe mangoes, while some savour the sour raw mangoes.

With the onset of summers, retailers are ready to showcase some of the best and unique mango varieties. HyperCITY Retail, India’s leading hypermarket offers assortments of fresh and delicious mangoes from different states of India to lure its consumers this summer season.From 100% Carbide Free Mangoes to Organic Mangoes, this summer, HyperCITY proffers varieties of mangoessuch as Alphonso, Ratnagiri, Badami, Kesar, Pairi, Totapuri, Ratna, Lalbaug, Dasheri, Vanraj, Langda and many more in stores.

Apart from being lip-smacking, Mangoes give you more reasons to relishand busts weight gain and other related myths. The tropical fruit offers10remarkable health and beauty benefits:

  1. Rich in iron: Ideal for people suffering from anaemia
  2. Helps in digestion: Mango helps clear your stomach when suffering from constipation, especially if fresh juice is consumed
  3. Rich in Vitamins B6: Helps improvefunctionality of brain
  4. Boosts Immune System: With generous amounts of Vitamin A and C, mangoes helpkeep the immune system strong and healthy
  1. Helps control heart rate and blood pressure:Mangoes are a rich source of potassium, which is an important component of cell and body fluids
  2. Lowers Cholesterol: High level of soluble dietary fibre, Pectin and Vitamin C present in mangoes helps lower bad cholesterol in the body
  3. Quick solution for Heat Stroke:Raw mangoes in the form of juice mixed with water (aam- panna) helps the body to cool instantly
  1. Clean and Clear skin:Mango paste when usedas a facemask helps reduceclogged pores,keeping your skin smooth and supple
  2. Best for Oily Skin:Mashed up mangoes when applied evenly on face for 10 mins results in gorgeous and glowing skin
  3. Healthy hair:  Mangoes contain Vitamin A which boosts the growth of all bodily tissues, including hair

It’s time you make ultimate use of the delicious fruit and enjoy every bit of it with your friends and family; be it fruit salad, mangolassi, milk shakes, aampanna,aamras, shrikhand, jams, pickles,etc.

Head to the nearest HyperCITY store to grab all varieties of mangoes of this season and explore recipes galore.

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