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Filmy Kutappe – 40 in English Translated by Anoopinder Kaur

1965, Movie Saheed, nirupa Roy, Manoj Kumar, Prem Chopra. “Mera rang de basanti chola..Maaye rang de..Dum nikle is desh ki khatir..Bs itna armaan hai..ik baar is raah pe marna..sau janmo k summaan hai..Mahendre Kapoor-Mukesh”

A Sardar, Parmeet Singh, was our classmate and he was very keen to join our “Filmy Mandali”. He keeps on bugging us to include him in our group and take him along for the movies. We always shun him away saying he was of no use to us. But on his continuous insistence we agreed and asked him to reserve seats in the last row in the cinema hall. He was such a quirky guy with the weird yet amusing ways. When we were standing in the queue to buy tickets, he entered the cinema hall from the EXIT, while the audiences from the previous show were moving out. He took off his turban and spread it on the seats to book them for us. “Pagdi sambhaal jatta..pagdi sambhaal..Saare jag ka paet bhare tu..andaata kehlaye..lut gaya maal tera..lut gaya maal oye..”We were laughing hysterically in the entire movie and can’t even fathom the plot of the movie. “Sarfaroshi ki tamanna.. Ab hamare dil mein hai..Dekhna hai zor kitna..Baazu-E-Qatil mein hai”. Everytime parmeet had to go with us, we were sure about getting seats in the last row.

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Because of strict rules at school, specifically on Fridays, we could not bunk classes and go for movies. So, we had to make excuses to our parents to go out on weekends. We lied about having some sports match with teams from other schools. We asked for money to buy some sports equipments as a disguise to get movie tickets. After the afternoon show, I come with long face and pretend, in front of my parents, to lose the match for which I worked so hard. They sympathize with me and pamper me a lot to make me feel good. This went on for quite long until one day, a friend of my brother told him casually about me being present at cinema hall a day before. On enquiring at home, they got to know about my escapades. And!! You can very well guess, what follows? Yeah! You got me right.. “FILMY KUTAPPA”….”Watan pe marne vale.. Zinda rahega tera naam..Tu vo Suraj hai jiski kabhi sham nhi hogi..Rafi”

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