5 issues with third-party insurance for two-wheeler claims


5 issues with third-party insurance for two-wheeler claims: As per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, third party two wheeler insurance policy is mandatory to be purchased by the vehicle owner.

5 issues with third-party insurance for two-wheelerYou must buy two wheeler insurance especially the third party, as will provide you with financial help in case of any loss or damage caused to a third party or a third party vehicle by your vehicle.

Third party two-wheeler Insurance claims cover the below-mentioned scenarios:

  • Death or any injuries attained by the third party.
  • Damage of property of the third party.
  • If there is a death of the vehicle owner/driver.
  • If there is a permanent physical disability of the vehicle owner/driver which was insured.

Usually, the method of claiming third-party insurance for two-wheelers seems to be very easy. But it has to be done with great cautiousness failing which can lead to issues and also a rejection of the claim.

The process of making third party Insurance claim

  • Lodging an FIR: The first step is to inform the police about the accident and lodge an FIR with the nearest police station. Filing an FIR is the most important part of the process as it would provide support to the third party claim.
  • Informing your Insurance agent: Most Insurance companies provide a window of 48 hours to inform about the accident in case of 2 wheeler insurance. So, as soon as the accident occurs, without much delay, you should contact your Insurance agent and information about the mishap.
  • Photographic evidence: At the accident site, try to take photographs of the damages done to your vehicle. Photographs are the real evidence of the incident that has happened.
  • Collect witness details: At the spot of the accident, there might be people who agree to be witnesses for you. You should collect their phone numbers, addresses, and other details so as to connect with them later for help.
  • Honesty with the Insurance agent: As per the rules, never hide anything from the Insurance agent. Also, do not try to put forward tampered facts which can, later on, get your claim rejected. In case of a claim for 2 wheeler insurance, maintain honesty while discussing with the agent.
  • Register a case with the Tribunal Court: Since the civil courts do not carry out proceedings on third party insurance it is advisable to register a case with the Motor Accident Claims Tribunal Court of the area where the accident occurred.
  • Record of conversations: While you are discussing the entire incident with your Insurance agent, you need to keep a record of all the conversation and discussion that happened for future reference.
  • Storage of documents: A file needs to be made and all the receipts starting from the day of accident till the day of the settlement are to be preserved in there for reference.
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5 major issues/errors while claiming third party insurance

  1. Avoiding contact with police about the incident: Many times, the driver avoids contacting the police and lodging an FIR about the accident that has occurred probably out of panic or to avoid unnecessary communication with the police.  You should avoid doing this mistake as it is illegal and would also create a problem while claiming insurance.
  2. Running away from the accident spot: Do not just get anxious or afraid and try to run or move from the accident spot. Avoid doing this as it makes insurance claim difficult at times.
  3. Getting panic over the occurrence of an accident: You can get panic or stressed by seeing the situation at the incident spot. Try to just relax and not make any further mistakes by getting panic.
  4. Putting a signature on any releases to the Insurance agent/company: At times, the vehicle owner signs out any releases made by the Insurance Company thinking it to be the final one. But you should not sign any such documents until you are confirmed that the estimated value given by the company is the final one.
  5. Accepting any cheque: Do not accept any cheque which claims it to be the final payment until you are convinced to do so.
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In addition to these listed issues, which are primary while making third-party insurance claims you should always make sure that you are not involved in drunk driving or any other intoxications. This can be a major hurdle while trying to claim insurance.

Hence, the entire procedure for claiming third party insurance in case of 2 wheeler insurance is a complicated procedure and needs to have patience along with the care to avoid the major errors which can be issued in your claims. Care must be taken while paying the policy and it is better to buy two wheeler insurance online.


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