5 Tips for Picking a Breast Pump for Moms


5 Tips for Picking a Breast Pump for Moms : If you are a new age mom, you need to take care of your baby and work at the same time. Well, speaking of looking after a new-born and working is neither easy said nor done. Working moms, who are breastfeeding have to overcome a thousand hurdles to manage everything that comes their way.

5 Tips for Picking a Breast Pump for MomsEarlier, the most difficult task for such women was to figure out how they will be able to feed their baby while they are away, but the invention of breast pumps came as a boon.

Now, the new moms can store the breast-milk so that it can be fed to the babies in their absence. Then again, it is important to figure out which breast pump will suit your needs the best amongst a plethora of options out there such as Medela Breast Pump. Here, we are going to take you through some tips for picking the best breast pump.

  1. Research your options

The first thing you can do to find out which breast pump will suit your needs the best is to check out your options. Make sure that you conduct a thorough research as you will be amused to see the types of breast pumps you can find.

If you are not planning to use the breast pump frequently and it is just to help you out during contingencies, you can opt for a hand operated pump. These are mechanical pumps through which you can collect the breast-milk into a container.

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5 Tips for Picking a Breast Pump for MomsIf you are planning to use the breast pump frequently, then you need a more solid solution. Electric breast pumps are motorised and pump the breast milk for you automatically. Though they tend to be comparatively expensive, they do not tire your hands. There are some other breast pumps for working moms, with fast and convenient using facility.

Make sure that you buy your own pump or rent a properly sterilised one from the clinic or hospital you are consulting. Lending or borrowing breast pump can put your health at risk because bacteria might be present on them. There are a few health risks of borrowing a breast pump so you should usually avoid it.

  1. How much milk can you pump?

Well, as much as we try to believe that all moms produce the same amount of milk, it is not true. Some women produce more milk than others. Plus, when feeding, a baby can empty up to 70% of the breast-milk while a pump can empty only 30% of it in the same duration. If you can pump several ounces quickly, then you can opt for a low-end pump.

Whereas, if it is difficult for you to pump much breast-milk manually then you need a high-end breast-pump with good suction motors. Make sure that the suction and release cycles per minute of the breast-pump is higher so that you don’t have to sit for a long time for pumping the breast-milk.

  1. Add on accessories too!

Breast-milk pumping can be a tedious job when done frequently. Therefore, it is important that you add on as many accessories as you can to make the procedure more enjoyable. So, look for the brands which offer a lot of attachments with them so that you are not left looking for the right fit every now and then.

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Go for brands which are more accessible. Look around the stores and online for the accessories which you can add on to the pumps. You can shop for cooling bags, cleaning products, breast shields, and carry bags if you are planning to go out with them.

  1. Does your insurance provide you for breast pumps?

Well, breast-pumps can be expensive. Therefore, it is always wise to check if your health insurance covers the purchase of breast pumps for personal use. In countries like the USA and Canada, there is a provision for the purchase of breast-pumps.

5 Tips for Picking a Breast Pump for MomsIf you are sure that you will need the breast- pump for feeding the baby in future, then you should select a plan which covers this expense of yours as well. You can also opt for rental pumps as they are cost-effective and readily available. Though these pumps can be expensive, they are a great option to escape the cost of formula.

  1. Try to give it a shot once

Breast pumps can take some time for getting used to and there are cases when moms don’t end up using the pump they have at all. So, you must try the pump before you are planning to buy it first, if possible. Due to sanitary reasons, stores don’t allow you to try and test the pumps but you can try out the rentals offered by hospitals and clinics.

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In addition to the above-mentioned tips, you must also ensure that the pump you are opting for is easy to clean, is portable, is comfortable and, most importantly, doesn’t make an annoying sound. If you want your breast pump to be cost-effective, efficient, and easy to use; you can use the above tips to make the perfect decision.


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