A Unique Summer Festival – Frozen Chillers Fiesta has started at Red Mango outlet in Elante Mall, Chandigarh


Summer treat — Red Mango Rolls out ‘Frozen Chillers Fiesta’
Red Mango’s ‘Frozen Chillers Fiesta’ beats the heat with exotic blended drinks

NewZNew (Chandigarh) : You have something really good to beat the sweltering heat with this summer. Red Mango, USA’s No.1 frozen yogurt and smoothie brand which has brought natural, non-fat & low fat, kosher and gluten-free frozen yogurts with pro-biotic has rolled out ‘Frozen Chillers Fiesta’, which will be on through the summers till June 30 at their 3rd Floor outlet in Elante Mall.

With the summer season & scorching heat pouring down from the sky, Red Mango, has jumped onto the ‘better-for-you’ shakes platform with Dream Shakes, Spicy Mojitos & an innovative all new range of drinks for summers during the Festival. “Delicious desserts when blended can create mind-blowing flavors and that’s what we have done with Dream Shakes,” Says Ms. Smriti Kumar, Director and Head of Training & Product Development for Red Mango India. Adds Smriti, “The idea behind introducing these drinks  through the Festival was that although customers are responding to the importance of consuming healthy and functional foods, they still have a desire for indulgence and comfort, especially when it comes to frozen treats and beverages. Our customers are already engaged in the practice of combining the healthy with the indulgent in our DIY (Do it Yourself) concept.” During the event which formally announced start of the Festival, Ms Smriti Kumar conducted a live session to give a feel of how these drinks were made & blended.

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The Dream Shakes available at the Fiesta are made of a miraculous infusion of indulgent famous desserts like Tiramisu and Apple Pie while the Spicy Mojitos are based on Kiwi, Mango and Passion Fruit & have a hint of spice, giving it a refreshing look and taste: just right for summer. At the Festival, one can indulge in the brand new Ghirardelli Strawberry Chocolate shake with flavours of the famous Ghirardelli Chocolate and fresh strawberries or the delectable Chocolate Crunch with real bits of chocolate crushed to shake up your day.

There are also the fun & fruity shakes like the Mango, Banana & Strawberry that bring together a healthy & indulgent amalgamation, all novel & fresh. This is not all, Red Mango also debuts Frozen Coffee Chillers White Mocha & Hazel Nut and a new range of refreshing Ice Teas including Strawberry Lemon and  Passion Fruit Lemon flavours during the Festival. For Yogurt lovers the fiesta has frozen Yogurts like Raspberry Flavour and Ghirardelli White Chocolate which are an icing on the cake. Sums up Smriti, “The Dream Shakes & other innovations at the Fiesta are Red Mango’s new inventions, keeping in mind the health aspect of the brand. What’s more, these also fit into the product line in keeping with consumers’ taste & preference.” So come Beat the heat at Red Mango’s ‘Frozen Chillers Festival’.

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Meal for 2 at Red Mango’s Frozen Chillers Fiesta: Rs 500(Approx.)


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