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Aakash+BYJU’S launches Aakash AudiPREP

AudiPREP is currently introduced for NEET aspirants only Includes curriculum of Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology designed specially by experts  Class XI-XII students can use this audio book to lend an extra edge to their preparation

Aakash+BYJU’S launches Aakash AudiPREP – India’s First Comprehensive Audio book for NEET aspirants: Upholding its reputation of leveraging cutting-edge technologies and innovation to deliver the best, Aakash + BYJU’S, India’s leader in test preparatory services, has introduced the Aakash AudiPREP — India’s first comprehensive audio book for NEET aspirants. Aakash AudiPREP was unveiled in a press meet by Anurag Tiwari, National Academic Head,  Aakash+BYJU’S who was accompanied by Parmeshwar Jha, Regional Director(North Zone),   Aakash+BYJU’S and Jasdeep Singh Babra, Senior Assistant Director , Chandigarh branch.

Aakash AudiPREP is an innovative web and app-based audio book containing podcasts of scientifically designed study materials designed by experts. The audio book lends detailed insight into Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology curriculum which will be incredibly useful for Class XI and XII students to crack the medical entrance examination.

Commenting on the launch of AudiPREP, Aakash Chaudhry, Managing Director, Aakash+BYJU’S said, “We are a forward-looking organization and to honour our students’ first approach, we are constantly innovating to bring in the best technologies that provide a conducive learning environment. We are a pioneer of many educational trends in the industry. AudiPREP is yet another path-breaking tool giving NEET aspirants the extra edge. The comprehensive audio books offer high-quality study materials curated by experienced teachers and engage students by appealing to their multisensory learning.”

Riding on digital transformation, AudiPREP aims to provide efficient and effective learning through a multi-sensory learning approach. The audio book makes the process of revision of lessons anytime and anywhere more convenient. The audio book also encompasses a special feature called spaced repetition that assists students in grasping and retaining dry subjects easily. It is an effective and efficient tool for better time utilization.

The audio book offers some exciting features such as high-quality audio content with proper modulation and clear pronunciation curated by Aakash experts and a compilation of subject-wise previous year questionnaires called NEETY GRITTY. It also offers powerful mnemonics, elaborative explanations of diagrams, tables and flow charts to improve the retention power of the students.

The audio book also entails a Content Builder feature which covers relevant NEET concepts even beyond the NCERT syllabus and has interactive quick quizzes for self-assessment aiding in practicing and preparing in a fun way. AudiPREP also provides a quick recap at the end of each chapter for rapid revision and clusters of important formulae making complex concepts engaging and easier to understand.

AudiPREP is a portable audio book solution enabling the best utilization of time. One can listen and learn anytime, anywhere at their convenience. The tool also facilitates spaced repetition which is scientifically proven to improve long term memory recall.

The audio book also capacitates multisensory learning by encompassing visual sense through printed study material, hearing through audio recordings while arousing the sense of touch through writing by underlining the keywords and taking running notes.

AudiPREP will be available to Aakash+BYJU’s Class XI and XII students preparing for NEET free of cost.

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CP Singh
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