Best Tips To Help You Getting Better Sleep


Sleep is extremely important to keep up your health. It gives a rest to body parts, keeps your brain sharp, boost your mood, glows your skin, good for heart, and this way the organs work appropriately. Most people sleep as soon as they lay on their bed but there are certain people who have difficulty in sleeping and mostly fail to get the full seven to eight hours of sleep every night. Here I am providing you with various tips which will be helpful in getting better and sound sleep.


Herb Kratom is well known for its sedative qualities, so a large number of people consume Kratom to help them fall asleep. Kratom is basically used to reduce stress, and relaxing of mind both of which are the causes of sleeping disorder. Kratom has various strains but the best for peaceful sleep are Green Maeng Da and Ultra Enhanced Indo.

The Ultra Enhanced Indo encourages managed sleep because of the fact that its leaves contain alkaloids, and induces neurological transmission between the body and brain. The alkaloids present in Ultra Enhanced Indo forms a bond with adrenoreceptors in the cells, they transmit signs to the nervous system. There is a feeling of calmness that prompts to peaceful sleep.

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Make Your Bed a Restricted Area

The bedroom should only be associated with sleeping.  Various bedroom un-related activities like playing games, reading newspaper, working, using laptops, listening to radio, watching television, should be avoided for a sound sleep. The bedroom should be free from distractions especially at night.

If you normally wake up during the nights, avoid performing mind involving activities like watching TV or working on laptops and instead do some reading or soothing like meditating until you feel sleepy again.

Ban Your Gadgets from Bedroom

Nearly everyone of us use some kind of electronic equipment like computer, cell phone, television, laptop, video game, tablet, etc within an hour before going to sleep. Light from these equipments empowers the brain, making it difficult to wind down.

Some people use cell phone even in bed till late at night. It gets very difficult for them to sleep afterwards. Sometimes the vibration of cell phone can disturb your sleep especially if you are waiting for the text or call from someone. Hence, it is better to put away all your gadgets probably in the other room, allowing you a good night sleep.

Sleeping Super Foods

It is advisable to prevent a heavy meal just before going to sleep. However, you should eat sleep promoting foods at least two hours before going to bed. Skip spicy foods as it is a cause of indigestion or heartburn and can disturb your sleep in the night.

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There are certain foods which are regarded as super foods for sleeping like cherries, mushrooms, fortified cereal, grapes, tomatoes, milk, Greek yogurt, honey, hard boiled eggs, jasmine rice, lettuce, bananas, herbal tea, chickpeas, tuna, carrots, almond, etc. Other than these foods which are rich in protein and carbohydrates can be used.

Final Words

If you are looking to fall asleep quickly without having to worry too much, this article will definitely prove to be useful. Follow the tips explained above and be ready to wake up really refreshed that you would not even have to press snooze on the clock.


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