Before the actual Common Admission Test (CAT) exam 2017, the MBA aspirants will be given a glimpse of the exam by the TIME coaching centre. Those aspirants who appear for the mock exam will get a chance to know what to expect in the CAT question papers. By appearing for the mock exam the aspirants can also check the time taken by them to complete  and solve the question paper. CAT 2017 Mock Test will be organized by TIME on July 9 and it is important for the aspirants to know need to know about AIMCAT 2017. 

Basically the AIMCAT is is a scholarship test and the aspirants who perform well will be given discount the appeared candidate will get on the fee of the Institute. It is expected that the mock test will include question combinations in these exams are from various types. The mock test will also include the questions that appeared in the CAT over the years. The tests will be specially designed tests. It is also important to note that the difficulty level and time-management,skills will be tested.

The management aspirants will also be able to evaluate their progress. They will also need to identify their strengths and weaknesses and thereby enabling them in preparing efficient test strategies. It also has to be noted that students who want to take the test from the convenience of their home will be able to do so by booking a slot for the test in the non-invigilated mode. It has to be noted that the aspirants will not be given  any discounts which will be available for those who take the test in the non-invigilated mode.