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CGC Jhanjeri celebrated #KisanDiwas by featuring “Student Farmers”

CGC Jhanjeri celebrated #KisanDiwas by featuring “Student Farmers”: Agriculture plays a vital role in the Indian economy and farmers strengthen the backbone of our nation’s economy in many ways.

CGC Jhanjeri celebrated #KisanDiwas by featuring "Student Farmers"

To recognize their contribution to the society at large, Chandigarh Group of Colleges (CGC), Jhanjeri celebrated #KisanDiwas on its campus. The event marked gratitude to the farmer’s untiring spirit and also gave a chance to CGC’s #AgricultureStudents to get first-hand knowledge on sustainable farming techniques from skilled professionals. 

Though the event was organized virtually as we are living in the Pandemic, it gave us a chance to have a tour of our Agriculture students – Moksha (B.Sc. Agriculture, 2nd year), Ritvik (B.Sc. Agriculture (Hons.), 1st year), and Kajal Rana’s (B.Sc. Agriculture (Hons.), 3rd year)) fields and understand the techniques they have been using in the cultivation of rabi season vegetables and crops.

Let’s find out more about the event in the video below

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About Chandigarh Group of Colleges, Jhanjeri

Established in 2012, Chandigarh Group of Colleges, Jhanjeri is an institute that specializes in merging education with technology. We strive to develop new ways of thinking and inculcate the same in our students. Our commitment to free and open inquiry draws inspired students to our breathtaking campus, where ideas are born that challenge and change the world.

Our programs have led the students to develop a great number of breakthrough technologies that have been registered with the Indian Patents Office.

The beautifully designed campus in the foothills of Shivalik has State-of-the-Art infrastructure, and equipment. We possess a highly educated and experienced faculty to groom the students to turn them into world-class professionals who would be ready to meet the global needs of the corporate sector. Special attention is given to the overall development of the students to become ethical and socially responsible citizens of India contributing significantly to India’s march towards becoming a global leader.

CGC Jhanjeri celebrated #KisanDiwas by featuring "Student Farmers"

We generate new insights for the benefit of present and future generations with our laboratories and workshops. We are also invested in extracurricular activities especially the ones which improvise the personality of our students. Hence, we host an NCC unit at CGC which is affiliated with 23 Punjab Battalion, NCC Ropar. We also host the NSS brigade which is always on their toes to promote social activities in and around the college. CGC also possesses dance clubs, music clubs, environment clubs, etc to focus on the all-round development of the campus.

CGC takes pride in being the leader of campus placements. We have numerous tie-ups with various National and Multinational companies to provide jobs to the students right before the completion of their courses.

In all we do, we are driven to dig deeper, push farther, and ask bigger questions — and to leverage our knowledge to enrich all human life. Our diverse and creative students and alumni drive innovation, lead international conversations, and make masterpieces. Join team CGC and become the next generation of leaders in academia, industry, and entrepreneurship.

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