Chef Ranvijay takes over Taj Chandigarh kitchens as Executive Chef


newznew (Chandigarh) : Already known for its food and beverages, Taj Chandigarh, one of the leading five star hotels in the city, now takes things a notch higher with Chef Ranvijay joining them with 18 years of experience in the arena.

Mr. Surinder Singh, GM, Taj Chandigarh, rightly believes that the ‘food and beverages department of any hotel, plays a crucial part in its success’. He goes on to say that this fact is ‘even more heightened in Punjab since here the culinary expertise is given preference over all other aspects of dinning. If the food is not good, no matter how luxurious your property, you will end up losing guests.’ Keeping this aspect in mind, he is confident that Chef Ranvijay will be playing an important role in the hotel in the years to come.

Chef Ranvijay who has also worked in several ITC and Taj hotels, apart from several prominent five stars of Delhi, has a varied area of expertise. While there is no denying that north Indian food is his forte, Italian and Lebanese favour high on his personal list. Interestingly, the Chef is very well known for his expertise in the oriental section. Right from Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Mongolian, Burmese to even Korean, he has mastered these cuisines.

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Chef Ranvijay has his sleeves rolled up and promises that the city will see some great meals being churned out from his kitchens. When asked if he is a strict Chef, he smiles and lets the question pass. However, he did say that his norms in hygiene and product quality are very stringent and he will not allow a slack here at any cost. ‘With the right product’ the Chef insists, ‘half the battle is won.’

The Chef believes that when it comes to food, presentation is crucial. Having gained special expertise in this area, he says that while he enjoys cooking all types of food, French and desserts, are favoured highly by him in the plating section. These allow him to play a lot with the food, which is also the reason why he enjoys ala-carte dishes better than the buffet layout.

The tides of change have brought in Chef Ranvijay to the kitchens of Taj Chandigarh as Executive chef. With nearly two decades of experience under his belt, Chef has a lot to offer to city beautiful and its culinary arena.


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