Craft Brews, Kitchens & Tales @Boathouse at Elante


Inspired by the riverside community hangout, it proves to be the go-to space for residents across all age brackets!

Tricity’s first theme-based and largest Microbrewery, Boathouse has now swung open its doors at Elante and is all set to carve a niche in the City Beautiful. The Microbrewery seeks inspiration from a boathouse that is typically a riverside building designed to hold small boats and crafts.

Photo By Santanshu Sharma

So, what makes Boathouse carve its own entity?

Well, everything. Boathouse is the cream of the crop Microbrewery that Chandigarh was longing to have. From exclusive gastronomic delights to a soothing ambiance & authentic food ethos, this place has it all. While the one-of-a-kind marine interiors make Boathouse carve its own entity, the quirky food & beverages menu proves to be a cherry on the cake. For all the beer lovers out there, Boathouse proves to be a blessing in disguise owing to its distinct assortment of master-crafted brews from across the globe. Inspired by the riverside community hangout, Boathouse is the go-to space for Chandigarh residents across all age brackets.

Expressing his thrill to bring the marine experience to Chandigarh, Mr. Sandeep Sharma, Owner of Boathouse exclaimed, “It is a matter of pride & ecstasy to launch the largest Microbrewery of Chandigarh. Boathouse is a revolutionary destination that combines creativity and gastronomical delight, promising the visitors an opulent experience like never before.”

Photo By Santanshu Sharma

“Boathouse is an exhilarating get-away Microbrewery, far distant from the hustle-bustle of everyday life. From path-breaking urban hangout to ladies kitty party, Boathouse has something in store for everyone alike”, added Mrs. Seema Sharma, Owner & a renowned Cookery-book writer.

The owners have had a proficient expertise in the industry and also run the pioneer catering company, Food Craft. However, it was their son Shubham Sharma’s frequent visits to Europe that proved to be the beacon of light for this theme-based Microbrewery. “Being in the Food & Beverages industry since quite some time now, we have immense love & respect for food. So, with Boathouse, I am certain that we won’t go wrong!”, said Shubham.

The Articulate Interiors

Holding true to its inspiration, the space is in a Marine theme with boats, ropes paddles and fishing nets making up the décor. Blue hues of the water are the inspiration for the glass mosaic terrazzo floor recreated on the ground floor with a mix of boathouse loungers and dining tables. Free form solid wood Community tables complete the bar zone on the ground floor which houses the Fermentation and Beer storage tanks stacked vertically in a double height space. The aesthetic design elements and interiors of Boathouse speak volumes about the owner’s love for a spacious environment.

Photo By Santanshu Sharma

The Brew House is housed on the First floor along with the Kitchens cooking up an array of beers and foods from across the favourite Brewing cities of the world. It houses two Cabanas on the first floor, ideally suited for a large gathering. The Amphitheatre styled casual seating with a convertible dance floor is the perfect place to shake a leg while enjoying your favourite craft brew. Boathouse adds another feather to its hat with Live DJ playing on Wednesday’s as well as weekends and has a myriad range of fun activities in store for the visitors!

Food & Drinks

Surpassing the conventional menu gracefully, Boathouse provides the perfect amalgamation of ingredients, cultures and presentation styles from across the globe, to satiate your taste horizons to an all new level. While the Microbrewery promises zest & rejuvenation with chilling beer experiences from the map of the world, Boathouse is also a blessing for the tea & coffee lovers.

Photo By Santanshu Sharma

With Boathouse, an array of coffees have been introduced to the beautiful city of Chandigarh including Kona coffee, Vietnamese coffee, and Turkish coffee.  Other recipes like Malay Laksa soup, Bibimbap, Som Tam Salad etc. add the zeal to your scrumptious gourmet meal. It also incorporates a Live Sushi Bar. Guess what? It also provides free valet parking to the visitors!

So, it’s time to spice up your life and sojourn soothing resplendence in the turquoise paradise. See you soon!

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