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Doctors at Fortis Hospital Mohali advises on how to stay Safe during Monsoon

Dr Mohinish Chhabra, Consultant, Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Fortis Hospital Mohali advised on how to prevent and combat diseases during the monsoon season. During this season, the vector borne diseases like dengue, malaria, fever, eye infection, fungal infection etc. become too imminent. Stagnant pools of water and humidity provide flies and mosquitoes the apt environment for breeding. Please find below some quick pointers, as advised by Dr Mohinish Chhabra, to stay safe this monsoon.

  1. Avoid consuming outside food: One of the major causes of monsoon diseases is the consumption of contaminated food water and beverages from street vendors. These foods normally include milk and milk products, juices and uncovered and stale cut fruits and junk food. Advising on this, Dr Mohinish Chhabra said, “We must avoid street-food and encourage the trend of eating home cooked food. It is important to wash vegetables and fruits in running water.”
  2. Cleanliness: It is equally important to stay safe away from living in unhygienic conditions, poor sanitation, swimming in unclean pools and the proliferation of mosquitoes and flies increase the chances of the spread of these diseases multi-fold. It is also essential to ensure that garbage dumping is regulated by the residents of colonies and the municipal corporation. Moreover, water logging must be checked under all circumstances. These steps can help to prevent and control the diseases. Dr Chhabra further said, “Wash your hands regularly and ensure hand-hygiene. It is important to boil and filter drinking water; avoid swimming in unclean swimming pools.”
  3. Remain Hydrated: Dehydration is very common during monsoon. The moisture in the air don’t make you feel thirsty and, on the other hand, the humidity will make you sweat. This makes the body dehydrate which makes a person lethargic but may adversely affect the immunity system. It is important that we take ample amount of water during the day. Dr Chhabra prescribed home remedy of “Nimbu Pani made with sugar and a pinch of salt as a quick and easy remedy for dehydration.”  

It is usually advised that one must always carry a sanitizer and in case you are taking a long trip then a towel and a fresh pair of clothes while venturing outdoors. The high number of mosquitoes and flies warrants the use insect repellents, anti- mosquito lotions and mosquito mats. You must make sure children are vaccinated, as seasonal vaccines wear off after some time. Do not forget to keep topical anti-fungal, antiseptic creams in your homes.

It is important to avoid venturing out in the rains if there are fresh wounds or cracks as this can lead to dirt and bacteria seeping in which can then get infected. Consult a doctor to treat the wounds, topical anti-fungal medications can be applied to treat the infections.


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