EkSoch Sandbox to host ‘Development Dialogue 2016’


NewZNew (Chandigarh) : Spice Mobility and Spice Digital’s initiative, EkSoch Sandbox in collaboration with Deshpande Foundation is organizing‘Development Dialogue 2016’on 19th July 2016 at Banaras Hindu University Campus, Varanasi.Development Dialogue 2016will have social entrepreneurs under one roof who work in partnership to impact lives of people at grass root level.

With the Development Dialogue 2016, EkSoch Sandbox aims to initiate a dialogue on affordable and scalable solutions required to empower the lives of people at the grass root level with the necessary leadership and skill development. Addressing the local challenges, it will provide affordable and scalable solutions required for social entrepreneurship.

The keynote speakers of this Development Dialoguewill include the Mr. Gururaj “Desh” Deshpande, Founder of Deshpande Foundation; Mr. Dilip Modi, Chairman, Spice Mobility; Mr. Ramji Ragavan, Agastya International Foundation; Ms. Shelly Batra, Operation Asha;Mr. N K Chaudhary, Jaipur Rugs and leaders from diverse non-profit and social enterprises who will share their stories of change and transformation. The theme for the upcoming Development Dialogue 2016 is “Execute locally and innovate globally” to deliberate on the intertwined nature of innovation and execution.


Mr. Dilip Modi, Chairman, Spice Mobility and Spice Digital, said; “Through EK Soch Sandbox model, we have developed an ecosystem that will foster innovation and entrepreneurship in one of India’s most densely populated regions, Eastern Uttar Pradesh. Development Dialogue 2016 is a platform to bring social entrepreneurs under one roof, and work in partnership to impact lives of people in rural areas.I firmly believe that we can build a developed India with focused intervention in particular areas of development.”

Going further, EkSoch Sandbox plans to seed 10 more social entrepreneurs in eastern Uttar Pradesh and 25+ mentors. Currently, through its various programs like Lead, Agastya, Save a mother, Navodyami impact, fuel etc. it has already impacted the lives of people in 50K households and further plans to improve the lives of many more people.

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Naveen Jha, CEO-Deshpande Foundationsays; “We started with “Social Innovation Sandbox” model eight years ago with focus on Hubli, Karnataka to nurture social entrepreneurship. The noticeable success it has achieved in the last eight years has inspired us to take it to other cities in India. We are pleased to share that our bottom up approach and steadfast principle of ‘scaling up’ by proving first has been recognized and appreciated. We are now replicating it at different locations in India. We are now looking to empower social entrepreneurs in smaller cities like Varanasi with the EkSoch Sandbox. Going forward, the Development Dialogue 2016, Varanasi will help us to cater to the development and encouragement of more business aspirants.”

Development Dialogue 2016 invites social entrepreneurs, impact investor, CSR professional, policy makers and developmental academicians who want to be part of this program, can mail at [email protected] or can register online at http://www.eksochsandbox.org/registrationform.php


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