Election Campaign Management goes digital for the first ever time in India


NewZNew (Chandigarh) : With the next round of elections,  due early 2017,  where five Indian states go to polls, in a landmark development the traditional Election Campaign Management goes digital for the first ever time in India.

Mr Sunil Khosla, the renowned Communications & Political Strategist, one of the pioneers of Political PR in the country who is also the founder of ‘Fourth Estate’, among the oldest and most respected Public Relations firm in the country has launched  ‘Ran-Neeti’ – India’s First WEB & APP based, highly precisioned , meticulously planned “Digital Political Campaign Module” for managing elections/ political campaigns which increases 10-15% in voter share.

In today’s Indian political context, where elections are being lost / won on razor thin margins hovering in the range of 1-5% vote share difference between winner and first runner up, Ran-Neeti holds special significance, since it increases voter share by 10 – 15 % thereby increasing winnability chances immensely of a contestant / party. Indian Rajniti (Politics) and Election campaign management in India is all set to enter the exciting, never before digital era.

“This highly precisioned Digital Election Campaign module provides a candidate a virtual key to a constituency. It gives 360 degree insight of the constituency to the contestant. The App provides a complete list of voters in a particular seat be it the State Assembly or Parliamentary district, ward wise, gender wise, caste and religion wise and past political leanings of the family (if any).

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This is the most useful software to strengthen the connectivity between Party headquarter, karyakarta & voters. It can broadcast information from headquarters to the ground level worker. It helps you get real-time information on the voters of each booth  on daily basis. Besides, all kinds of information & statistics regarding the voters.

 Another significant USP of Ran-Neeti  is that it puts the power to monitor one’s own campaign and election management within grasp of candidate’s palm. This App also enables ‘Real-Time’ connect and coordination between Karyakarta and the headquarter, thus enhancing the resource management and optimizing resource deployment.

The candidate will have information on the preference of voters towards a particular contender and party after a thorough pre-poll survey of the seat being contested with all the past results. With availability of contact details, date of birth and profession of the voter, the candidate can establish a direct rapport with the electorate sending personal messages, birthday, anniversary greetings with App that provides the political agenda of the contestant and its adversaries besides how he/she plans to tackle the long-standing problems of the area. The module can play a key role on the seats where the victory margins have been wafer thin. The App would have given a tentative list of favourable voters who the candidate could mobilize specifically during the run up,” added Mr Kholsa.

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 “This digital election campaign module will transform the way elections have been managed in India till date,” asserted Mr Sunil Khosla adding that, “this module  not only makes management of political campaigns and elections more targeted, accurate and effective, if applied diligently, it manifolds enhances the winnability of a candidate.”

“Another most significant highlight of this unique app & web based Election Campaign Management Module  is  that it immensely contributes to the noble efforts of Election Commission of India to increase voters participation in elections and thereby strengthening Indian democracy,” added Mr Khosla.

Besides, increasing voter share by 10-15% it helps Election Commission in the elimination of double / bogus voting.” emphasized Sunil Khosla.

‘RanNeeti’ has been developed by taking these and a whole lot of  prominent and practical parameters / indicators in consideration which helps in making a real difference in the final outcome of the election in favour of the Candidate/Political Party using this module.

This digital election campaign management module consists of 4 parts – Data Analytics, Voter Survey, Karyakarta + Relationship Management and Polling Day Booth Management.

“This digital election campaign module has already been tested and tried in the previous elections across party lines / candidates with a proven track record of increasing voter percentage, which led to various parties / Candidates victory in the polls.

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Talking about the module, said Mr Sunil Khosla “This module works on “Every Vote Counts” principle – it manages every vote as at times even single valuable vote creates huge difference. With just a click of a button, any information or analysis is accessible to Candidate on his/her Mobile Phone.”

“Mostly elections are managed from top level to bottom level but our approach in this module is from grass-root (booth level) to top level. Information can be shared from Karyakarta to Candidate  / Party HQ and vise-a-versa without leaking of information.” Mr Khosla elaborated.

“Time is just ripe for political aspirants / parties to put to use this unique module in order to win the elections. “This First of its kind WEB & APP based Election campaign management module is most useful particularly for (1)  the candidates who lost / won previous elections by little margins  (2) The first timers as well as  (3)  the established candidates to win the elections,” added Mr Sunil Khosla.


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