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FICCI seminar on ‘New Age Risks’ to witness release of ‘India Risk Survey 2022’ Report

FICCI seminar on ‘New Age Risks’ to witness release of ‘India Risk Survey 2022’ Report: The Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) is organizing a seminar on ‘New Age Risks’ on April 19, 2023, at FICCI, New Delhi.
FICCI seminar on 'New Age Risks' to witness release of ‘India Risk Survey 2022’ Report
The seminar aims to discuss and debate the trend of traditional risk parameters and emerging risks that may impact the industry and overall working environment.
The highlight of the event will be the launch of the ‘India Risk Survey 2022 Report’, jointly released by FICCI and Pinkerton. The report sensitizes stakeholders about the emerging risks, enabling well-planned and strategic policy decisions.
India Risk Survey 2022 report is expected to provide valuable insights and actionable recommendations for businesses to better understand and mitigate risks in the dynamic business landscape of India. The event will bring together industry leaders, policymakers, experts, and stakeholders to engage in meaningful discussions and chart a path towards building a more resilient and risk-aware business environment.
The India Risk Survey (IRS) report is a widely recognized predictor of the risks faced by Indian firms. The survey identifies 12 key areas of concern for businesses and 5 emerging risks that could seriously impact India’s business ecosystem. The results are derived from a comprehensive survey involving stakeholders and business executives from various industries. Businesses rely on the India Risk Survey Report to evaluate their risk exposure and make informed decisions on how to operate in India.
The media and decision-makers also frequently reference the survey’s conclusions as evidence of the challenges faced by Indian entrepreneurs. The report provides valuable information on risks such as natural hazards, information & cyber insecurity, intellectual property theft, fire, and crimes, empowering firms to make informed choices about their operations.
The goal of the India Risk Survey is to identify potential risks in the context of a changing global environment, allowing business leaders to assess their risk preparedness for disruptive events such as rapid digitalization, accidents, and business espionage in the future, and to enhance risk mitigation techniques.
However, the risks identified and their effects may vary across industries based on their risk appetite and current risk mitigation plans. The survey’s outcomes will help organizations develop a comprehensive 360-degree risk management strategy to anticipate and prepare for eventualities, minimize disruptions, and proactively safeguard against risks.
The seminar will feature panel discussions on ‘Information & Cyber Insecurity as a Threat to Businesses’ and ‘Emerging Risks to Businesses’, where experts will share their insights on the risks faced by businesses. Additionally, experts will deliver addresses on risks associated with IP infringement, accidents, and fire safety.
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