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Fitgen’s Trek “10000 STEPS CHALLENGE” – To Educate Cancer Kids & Fight Malnutrition

  • Fitgen Trek launches 60-day “10000 Steps Challenge” starting May 3rd, with a view to make a fitter community around us.
  • Under the initiative, Fitgen has tied up with Cankids to contribute towards the education of children fighting cancer. It also has tied up with Delhi NCR Foodbank, Gurgaon Foodbank to help fight malnutrition

NewZNew (New Delhi) : 31% of India is overweight, and lifestyle disorders are becoming more and more common. The sedentary lifestyle is giving rise to obesity and other health problems. If we want to make a difference to our lives and the community around us, we need to focus on fitness. Research done by the American Heart Association shows that all it takes is 10,000 steps of walking every day for us to be fit. Most of us rush into enrolling at a gym or take up a regimen that we are not able to follow through on. This further demotivates us, and still keeps us away from reaching our goal of fitness. But how do we measure our steps, and how do we keep our motivation? Imagine if you can Outrun, Outdo and Outlive to Yourself by simply walking 10000 Steps!!

Fitgen’s Trek provides the solution by easily measuring, and motivating us to complete the 10,000 steps a day.

Fitgen’s Trek commences the 60 day “10000 STEPS CHALLENGE” in association with Cankids and Delhi NCR Foodbank, Gurgaon Foodbank today at Raahgiri, Gurgaon. The campaign was led by eminent personalities Mr. Atul Wassan, Mr Varun Seth, Mr. Ranjeet Oak, Ms. Latika Thukral, Ms. Poonam Bagai, Ms. Kalyani Chawla, Mr. Vishal Uppal, Ms. Ramon Llamba, Ms. Angela Nar, Ms. Shalini Arora Kochhar who walked in support of people adopting a healthier and fitter lifestyle, along with 1000 participants, who took part in this social initiative towards building a healthy community.

Fitness and Health provider Fitgen would like to be a catalyst that launches a unique health campaign to draw public attention to its ‘10000 Steps Challenge’ while contributing simultaneously towards the national fight against malnutrition and supporting education of kids who are fighting cancer.

The contest will challenge the participants to cover minimum 10000 steps everyday for at least 40 days during the overall span of 60 days of the campaign. This will not only allow you to join the fitness initiative, but will also ensure that you contribute towards a greater social cause. For each participant who joins the challenge, Fitgen will donate 25% of the sale amount, i.e. Rs 1500 per device to Cankids – a society fighting cancer among children. The amount will be

​donated primarily to support a month’s education for a cancer-affected child taken care by CanKids. In addition through the tie up with Delhi NCR Foodbank, Gurgaon Foodbank, Fitgen will contribute nutritional food to fight the menace of malnutrition highly prevalent in India against the calories burnt as part of this challenge. The winner of “10000 Steps Challenge” will donate the collective calories that all the participant’s burn during the contest as meals to the underprivileged through the Delhi NCR Foodbank, Gurgaon Foodbank.

In a bid to receive a nationwide approach for the challenge and its cause, Fitgen has also used social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, to extend its reach.


“The Fitgen 10000 steps Challenge is designed to encourage people to make a lifestyle change by simply walking at least 10000 steps every day. While Marathons and Body building is glamorous but it becomes quite intimidating for regular folks like us. The fitgen challenge is designed for people to outrun, outdo and outlive themselves. We are also very excited to be connected to Cankids and to the Delhi NCR Foodbank, Gurgaon Foodbank” said Mr Anurag Malhotra, Chief Executive Officer, Fitgen.

Ms. Poonam Bagai, Chairman, Cankids said, “We are delighted to be associated with Fitgen, as the 10000 steps campaign will not only make people aware about Cankids and its cause but also inspire them to join us to help cancer affected children. The contribution by Fitgen, to support the education of a kid fighting cancer will also motivate participants to take part in the unique initiative of 10000 Steps Challenge”.

“With the contest, Fitgen has also come up with a novel idea to contribute in fighting malnutrition. The more calories participant burn during 10000 Steps challenge the more will be donated in offering meals to the deprived ones,” said Ms. Angela Nar, Programs Lead, Delhi NCR Foodbank, Gurgaon Foodbank.

Fitgen smart activity tracker — ‘Trek’ not only drives users to keep themselves fit, but also allows you to track the activity of friends and motivate your peers to don their running shoes. The Fitgen mobile application help people connect with friends, family members and build virtual fitness communities of preferred members wherein each one of them can track the activities of others and create challenges to tap onto the competitive spirit.

For the “10000 Steps Challenge”, participants can register as individuals, and in teams comprising four members. During the 60 days, when the contest is on, they can keep an eye on their friends performances, know the teams that are leading the contest and improvise their own workout plans to outdo the competitors for a social cause and fitter community.

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